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Hannah Makes Tortillas

Posted on: January 21, 2011

While we were packing to move, Hannah decided to take a break and make some tortillas. You can hear Grandma in the background – she was less than pleased. But, personally, I thought {and still think} it was pretty hilarious.

7 Responses to "Hannah Makes Tortillas"

Love the look on her face at the end…maybe realizing “Maybe I wasn’t supposed to do this?”


Bahahaha! Love the look on her face! 😀 😀

Sooooo, when are you going to do your first vlog where you show your face? 😉

Yeah, it was really funny walking in to see her covered in flour. K- I think after the laugh she did think “Hmmm, maybe this is wrong”. Especially because Grandma was annoyed. A – I don’t know… I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a vlogg. Maybe soon. 🙂

Hahahaha! Love it!

Ohmigosh this is too cute!

There is an awesome photo of me when I’m about her age covered in flour and posing by it with my hand on my hip like, “woo look what I did!” I think my mom thought it was funny too!

Yeah, that smile is classic “oh-crap-I-got-caught, but I’m-still-having-fun!” look on her face!

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