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The weather went from 53 degrees to 81 degrees in just over a week here in Iowa. Seriously? 81 degrees? Whew. I am not cut out for hot weather. Even after years in Texas, I still cringe at the idea of walking outside when it’s over 75.

To combat the crazy high temps this week, I made strawberry/banana popsicles. A couple of months ago, we picked up popsicles molds at IKEA for $1. Then at the beginning of this month, I scored V8 Fusion for dirt cheap. {Side note – V8 Fusion is amazing. You get a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every serving of juice. It’s like every mother’s dream come true.}

I poured the juice into each of the molds and stuck it in the freezer overnight:

Here is the finished product:

Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for an awesomely cute picture of the girls like these. But, seriously, these things are so good I’ve eaten half of them myself!