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When hosting a monkey party, you have to take into consideration the decorations:

Don’t forget goodie bags for all the kids:

Then do a little happy dance when Hannah gets two more monkey shirts {bringing us to a grand total of four!}:

{each of these elicited shouts of “my monkey, my monkey!”}

And even if you forget to take pictures of the huge spread of food served {um, not that I would ever forget}, make sure to take pictures of the cupcakes:

I should mention, these are special cupcakes. Aside from being homemade banana chocolate cupcakes, they actually contain frosting on the inside. And not just any frosting. When our party guests bit into the cupcakes, the frosting inside indicated Baby Three’s gender:

The party was a blast. Unfortunately, we had a few last-minute cancelations. But, that has left us with lots of yummy foods to snack on for the week {and I can’t complain about that ;)}.

Hannah had a really great time. Though I am certain between not napping, spending the afternoon at the pool and then having all-she-could-eat-sweets might have done her in. Poor girl was in shell shock as everyone arrived and especially so when she was given presents. But in the end, she perked up and thoroughly enjoyed herself {and getting more monkey shirts certainly brought her enthusiasm to a whole new level}.

Have you ever hosted a themed party? What did you do? 

Hannah turns two tomorrow and we are celebrating her birthday with a party this Saturday. Because of her crazy love for the Paul Frank monkey, I decided we needed a monkey theme party. And what do monkeys {especially my monkey Bear} love to do most? Eat. While I am going for banana themed foods, I’m also adding Hannah’s other favorite foods. Here’s what is on the menu for Saturday’s party:

1. Banana Chocolate Cupcakes*

2. Banana Bread

3. Cheese Slices 

4. Peanut Butter Sandwiches with Banana Slices

5. Fruit slices

6. Pita Chips and Hummus

7. Monkey Bread

8. Peanut Butter Smoothies

9. Carrots and Dip

10. Your Suggestions – Any more banana themed ideas of what to feed a group of kids and parents?

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The (*) indicates photo and recipe credit.

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