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In early December, Jonathan and I started talking about business cards – specifically me getting business cards. We knew with Blissdom approaching, it would be nice for me to have cards to pass out to the other attendees. I started doing some research, but never fell in love with anything. I wanted something practical, but expressed me at the same time {a lot of pressure for a little card, huh?}.

Then Jonathan mentioned the idea of a bookmark business card. Immediately I loved the idea. A bookmark {because I love to read} that has all my information on it. Perfect. Now to find a design/designer. After going through Etsy a few times, I came across DesignsByThoughts. As soon as I saw Tiffany’s work, I knew it was a match for me. So I contacted her, discussed some ideas and this is what she made:

Isn’t adorable? I just love the red roof on the church. And the adorable flowers. And the stain glass. And the…. okay, I just love the whole thing. Seriously.

Top Ten {Tuesday} In one week {ONE WEEK!} I leave for the Blissdom Conference in Nashville. I am beyond excited. Thrilled, actually. I don’t fully know what to expect {it’s my first time going}, but I do hope to get a lot out of the conference. There are so many great seminars lined up, that it’s kind of hard to narrow down just want I want to participate in. But, I’m sure what ever I go to will be great.

1. Knowledge – From search engine optimization to editing your posts, the seminar descriptions look packed with information. And while I want to go to every single one, I’m sure I’ll be on overload before I know it.

2. Community – I’ve “met” some amazing women over the last year. Grown to really know them as they share their lives through their blogs. It’s provided me with a since of community that has been really incredible. I can’t wait to meet them in real life next week!

3. Networking – Along with the women I have “met” there are still so many great blogging women out there I haven’t. Having the chance to meet new women and expand my network is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

4. Creativity – I’ll be honest, I’ve been creatively dry for the last several weeks. Almost as though I’m on auto-pilot. I keep telling myself “Make it to Blissdom” because I’m convinced I’ll walk away full of wonderful creative ideas. Or at least I really hope so!

5. Seeing my family – Blissdom is held each year in Nashville – my childhood city. So going this year means I get to spend a little time with my family. Which is really awesome, because I miss them, even if it’s only been a month since I last saw them.

6. Staying at Opryland – Ok, this might be kind of a silly reason to be excited about Blissom, but the conference is held at Opryland Hotel. In all my years, I’ve never spent the night at Opryland. It’s like a daydreamy place – I had my senior prom there, I’ve walked through it’s halls dozens of times with my family – but I’ve never been lucky enough to spend the night. Until now. And as if it couldn’t get better, I get to stay with Alicia from Alicia’s Homemaking. Squeal!! So excited!!

7. Mama vacation – I’ll be gone for five whole days next week. Five. The longest I’ve ever been away from either of my girls. And while that’s a little sad, I’m taking Alicia’s point of view when she emailed me “I’m going to go SIX days without having to wipe down a high chair!”  Woot!

8. Having fun – While Blissdom is sure to teach me a lot, I know it’s not just going to be a boring classroom – in fact, it’s going to be a blast. Between the kick-off party and the pj party, I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of giggling women all around.

9. Being myself – Writing brings out a part of me that nothing else seems to and I love it. So having the chance to spend time tapping that resource is such a great thing.

10. Fashion – Ok, since I made 2010 my year to bring out my fashionista, I’m pretty excited about some of the finds I came across between now and then. In particular, a gold necklace. Which might not seem like a big deal, but to me it’s huge. I don’t wear gold, so to do a gold necklace is a big step. I’ll be wearing it at Blissdom so let me know what you think!

If you’re going to Blissdom, what are somethings you’re looking forward to?

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The other night Jonathan and I were working on my website {have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have a web analysis for a hubby?? Well, it is!}. Our jaws dropped when we saw this:

Site Stats for A Wife Loved Like the Church

Since I started actively {and intentionally} blogging last February, my numbers have literally tripled. Each month I am blown away. Each month I think how amazing all of you, my readers, are. You. guys. rock. Really. You do. Your comments, your encouragement, your support, it brightens my day. Thank you so much for supporting me over the last year! I love y’all!

Just a little Friday joy to share with all of you… What’s your Friday joy?

itscome2this.comBetween keeping up with my blog and reading my “favorite” list, it’s been a little hard for me to find new bloggers. I’ll read a few posts, like them, but then I don’t read them for a while and before I know it, I’ve dropped the ball entirely. But lately, I’ve been reading some new blogs and I’m loving them. In fact, two of them I’m loving so much I had to stumble them so that all of you can enjoy them too!

Rach of This Italian Family – Rach commented on my blog one day, and I’m so glad she did! I just love her posts {especially the food ones!} and she’s just too cute to boot.

Kelsey of Mrs. Dexter – Kelsey is a friend from Iowa, who I’ve been reading for a while. But, she’s pushing full steam ahead with her blogging and she’s rockin’ it! You’ve gotta check her out.

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Saturday!

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Top Ten {Tuesday} I really enjoy blogging. And over the last year as I’ve started to intentionally blog, I’ve learned a lot. So last night when a friend asked me a question about my hosting site, I thought I’d pass along my wisdom {I use that term very lightly} on becoming a blogger

1. Pick a good hosting site – I originally started with Blogger, but moved over to WordPress at the beginning of 2009. I’ve loved WP. The layout is easy, leaving comments/pingbacks are easy. The only draw back compared to Blogger, it’s not as easy to find “cute” templates. Maybe I’m not looking in the right spots, but I’ve never had much luck finding cute, free, page themes.

2. Pick a topic – I can’t say much about this, since I’ve realized I don’t have just one topic. But, if you start with a topic {baking, savings, mothering, etc}, stick with it. Explore the topic and get creative.

3. Be creative – Blogging is just like any other creative outlet, you can have good posts and bad posts. But when you’re creative and unique, those are the ones that are the best. Just be yourself and people will enjoy it.

4. Blog. A lot – If you blog it, they will come. It’s true. Once I really started blogging {several times a week}, my readership shot up. People will read if you write. Especially if you’re creative.

5. Tweet – Unsure of Twitter? Think it’s just another Facebook? Think again. Twitter is an amazing resource for bloggers. It hooks you up with other bloggers, it links you with an entire blogging world facebook just doesn’t offer. And just like writing a post, if you tweet it, they will come.

6. Use pictures – Pictures are worth a thousand words. And if you use the right picture with the post it’s like adding peanut butter to chocolate. You just made things that much sweeter.

7. Be personal – Add a picture of yourself. Write an “About Me” page. Be personal when you write, allowing your readers to know the real you. You don’t have to be detailed and overly open, but give your readers an idea of who you are so they can feel like they know you.

8. Read other blogs – Follow bloggers who are similar to you. Follow bloggers who make you laugh. Follow bloggers you enjoy. You’ll learn a lot about them, but you’ll also learn a lot about blogging.

9. Leave comments – I can’t stress this enough – people like comments. Plain and simple. And a lot of people will start reading your blog just because you left them a comment. I don’t always do the greatest job of leaving comments, because sometimes life gets too busy and I don’t get to read as many blogs. But when I do, I always comment. So when in doubt, leave a comment. If for no other reason than to make that bloggers day.

10. Enjoy it – I once had a friend say “I want to blog, I just don’t like writing”. It made me laugh, because blogging shouldn’t be one more than you have to do, it should be something you want to do. Write because you enjoy it, not because you think you need to.

What are some tips you have for blogging? Anything “big” that you’ve learned since starting?

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Kelsey at Mrs. Dexter, is hosting her first ever blog giveaway! And she’s blowing it out of the water by giving away three Dave Ramsey financial books!

{photo credit}

Kelsey is giving away The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace Revisited AND More than Enough: The 10 Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny. How great is that?! Three amazing books!

This year, Kelsey and her husband have been paying down debt, saving money and living on cash budget. It’s been an exciting – and encouraging! – journey to read about.

Be sure to sign up for Kelsey’s giveaway and let her know I sent you over!

Well, I personally am not in Florida, but my blog post is! I’m writing a guest post today for Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking. You might remember her from her guest post a couple of weeks ago. I just love this girl and am so looking forward to meeting her at Blissdom this January.

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