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itscome2this.comBetween keeping up with my blog and reading my “favorite” list, it’s been a little hard for me to find new bloggers. I’ll read a few posts, like them, but then I don’t read them for a while and before I know it, I’ve dropped the ball entirely. But lately, I’ve been reading some new blogs and I’m loving them. In fact, two of them I’m loving so much I had to stumble them so that all of you can enjoy them too!

Rach of This Italian Family – Rach commented on my blog one day, and I’m so glad she did! I just love her posts {especially the food ones!} and she’s just too cute to boot.

Kelsey of Mrs. Dexter – Kelsey is a friend from Iowa, who I’ve been reading for a while. But, she’s pushing full steam ahead with her blogging and she’s rockin’ it! You’ve gotta check her out.

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Saturday!

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The weather has gotten beautiful around here. We’ve had all our windows open for the last week and our temperatures haven’t gotten above 75. Fall is on it’s way and I can’t wait!
We’re hosting our first college football game BBQ today, so I’ve been on the prowl for some yummy football appropriate desserts to make. I’ve come across a few that I’m gonna give a try:

Iowa Hawkeye Cupcakes – Clarissa at Next Generation Housewife

Chocolate Rice Crispy Footballs {what’s there not to like about that?!} – Marie at Make and Takes

And since the weather is becoming to fall-y, I loved reading this post:

Ten Fun Family Activities for FallBlissfully Domestic

Last {but not least} I read a really great post about mothering that I had to pass along:

An Interview With One of My Favorite Ladies – Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking

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I love food. I’ve never been a salad-on-a-date kinda girl. Give me steak. Give me pizza. Give me real food. I stumbled some posts this week with recipes of foods I just have to make. Seriously, it took all my will power not to make them the moment I read them!

Healthy lemon bars – Nothing says fall quite like baking. Can’t wait to give these bars from Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking. {I’m drooling on myself as I type.}

Sushi – I made sushi once in college at some dorm activity. It did not go well. But, Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking gives such amazingly simple steps for making sushi that I’m going to give it another go. Do I hear sushi party at the Windhams?!

Steak, twice baked potatoes and roasted eggplantEmily at The Adventures of Miss Mommy wrote this really great post about having dates with your mate. She shared tips on setting up a dating coop and was even so kind as to share her date night meal – Steak, twice baked potatoes and roasted eggplant. Talk about a yummy dinner! Especially without kids. 😉

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I’ve fallen really, really behind on my blog reading lately. I blame it on my iPad. I can’t see my whole RSS reader, meaning I can’t scroll through the blog lists. However, I did come across some pretty funny posts this week that I just had to share:

– For all us moms: “You know you’re a parent when…” by Keri Speidel

– Because I love Seinfeld: Serenity Now by Stuff Christians Like

This one isn’t so much funny as just plain ole fun!

– Hosting large crowds: Pancake Breakfast recap by Alicia’s Homemaking


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