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Monday was my birthday.

I had my day planned out. I was going to sleep in and start my day off refreshed. The girls had school, so while Joseph napped, I’d relax and enjoy the silence of my house. Maybe watch a show. Crochet a bit. Eat some cake. Then Joseph and I would meet Jonathan for a birthday lunch date. I’d go shopping before picking up the girls. Then dinner and maybe another date once the kids were in bed. Perfect.

But, the night before Julia got sick. Then that morning Jonathan had to be at work early, foiling my plans to sleep in. Once mid-morning rolled around, Hannah got sick. And my well planned day crumbled down.

Not gonna lie, I was disappointed.

My quiet birthday celebration while the kids napped {unaware that it was actually my birthday}

My quiet birthday celebration while the kids napped {unaware that it was actually my birthday}

At one point, I almost wanted to selfishly remind Julia that today was my birthday. But, God pricked my heart and reminded me of something –

My life is about His plan, not my plan.

That reminder didn’t make me jump for joy at cleaning up throw up or feeling glad that my plans had so drastically changed. But it did make me soften my heart toward my children and see that this mess was the plan for my birthday. It wasn’t my plan {and I wasn’t loving it}, but it was God’s plan.

And when I was brought to tears at just how hard the day was going {how hard the last two ten months have gone}, my sweet sister-in-law spoke these words to me ::

Blessed be the Lord! For He has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy. The Lord is my strength and my shield; in Him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults and with my song I give thanks to Him. Psalm 28:6-7

My situation never changed on Monday. The girls didn’t feel better. In fact, Jonathan and I both got sick too. I’m still struggling with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. But God is reminding me that He’s heard my pleas, that He is my strength and shield; He is my help. And that’s all I can hold on to.

Today Hannah turns three.



Three, in my mind, is a really big age. There is an independence that comes with three. But, truth be known, Hannah’s been pushing for independence since birth, so you know, maybe three is just a continuation for her. Three is also a fun age. Gloriously innocent, with a touch of mischievous.

Hannah Michelle,

My sweet, sweet girl. You bring a light into our house that no one else can match. Your laughter, your sense of humor, your wit. You are truly delightful. I love that you are sweet with just the right amount of spicy to keep us all guessing. In the last year, you’ve become a big sister, started school, had your tonsils removed {something I doubt you will ever forget} and become even more fearless {something I doubted could ever happen, but it has}. You are my little mama, quick to help clean up, attend your brother or act all mama-like when things get rowdy. I love that despite your petite size, you command a room {and everyone in it} and truly think that you are three going on twenty three. You are always saying something that cracks us all up. Some of my favorite sayings you have are

“Hey guys, listen up!”

“Yummy in my tummy” or the even more hilarious “Yummy in my bottom”

“Juuweea!” {Julia}

“I want you to love on/hold me”

“I want someten to eat” {I want something to eat} This I think you say round the clock

My prayer for you is that you continue having a desire to learn more about the Lord, that you keep your spirit of curiosity about the Bible and that one day you yourself have a deep and personal relationship with Christ. Today is a bittersweet time for your mama. I am thrilled for what your life holds, but sad that this time is going so much faster than I ever dreamed it would.

I love you baby girl.

Your Mama


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