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Today Hannah turns three.



Three, in my mind, is a really big age. There is an independence that comes with three. But, truth be known, Hannah’s been pushing for independence since birth, so you know, maybe three is just a continuation for her. Three is also a fun age. Gloriously innocent, with a touch of mischievous.

Hannah Michelle,

My sweet, sweet girl. You bring a light into our house that no one else can match. Your laughter, your sense of humor, your wit. You are truly delightful. I love that you are sweet with just the right amount of spicy to keep us all guessing. In the last year, you’ve become a big sister, started school, had your tonsils removed {something I doubt you will ever forget} and become even more fearless {something I doubted could ever happen, but it has}. You are my little mama, quick to help clean up, attend your brother or act all mama-like when things get rowdy. I love that despite your petite size, you command a room {and everyone in it} and truly think that you are three going on twenty three. You are always saying something that cracks us all up. Some of my favorite sayings you have are

“Hey guys, listen up!”

“Yummy in my tummy” or the even more hilarious “Yummy in my bottom”

“Juuweea!” {Julia}

“I want you to love on/hold me”

“I want someten to eat” {I want something to eat} This I think you say round the clock

My prayer for you is that you continue having a desire to learn more about the Lord, that you keep your spirit of curiosity about the Bible and that one day you yourself have a deep and personal relationship with Christ. Today is a bittersweet time for your mama. I am thrilled for what your life holds, but sad that this time is going so much faster than I ever dreamed it would.

I love you baby girl.

Your Mama


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