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In Which I Ask My Friends For Help

Posted on: August 6, 2012

This summer has thrown me for a loop. No, that’s not true. Having three kids has thrown me for a loop. It seems that once I have enough time to devote myself to something more creative {like blogging}, my mind has exploded and I have nothing left to give. Which is sad, because frankly I really love my internet community.

And then, once I finally write something I’m passionate about, it takes a toll I didn’t foresee. Again, maybe that’s not true. I did foresee it, but didn’t expect it to be a conversation that lasted this long {though it’s allowed me to share the gospel with several people and that in of itself is down right amazing}.

I’ve found myself stuck – I want to write, but have been unwilling to carve out the time. Once I have the time {like now} I am unsure what to write.

So, my sweet readers, what do you want to read? My blog isn’t just a monologue, so if there is a dialogue you’d what, let me know. Clearly, I don’t shy away from many topics.

Let me know what interests you, what you want to read about, learn about and I’ll start writing. We can look at it as a win-win; you get to give me ideas, and I get to write.

5 Responses to "In Which I Ask My Friends For Help"

One thing I’ve realized I’m going to have trouble as a parent is the balance of giving my kids the freedom I was allowed and celebrating their exploration (friendships, interests, etc.) with being the worrying mom that wants to protect my children (I hope they don’t like football b/c of the potential harm). Just as I learned to trust my husband and have complete faith in our marriage, I will have to learn to do this with my kids. What are some pointers or how do we learn this as parents? It’s my career to understand the importance of intrinsic motivation and autonomy, but being a mom I want to know how to decide boundaries of that too (e.g., when or is it ok to tell your kids they are hanging with the “wrong person”). This is pretty difficult, but I’d love to hear other’s opinions.

Oh, I’m also always up for how to reduce my cooking time with quick, healthy meal ideas too. And that one’s a little lighter ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh Sarah, brave wise Sarah! I’m sorry that the conversation on that last post keeps on going. (and that I am part of that, ha!) I feel the way you do after adding Penny to the family and can only imagine adding exercise and another kid. You’re doing awesome juggling a lot with grace.

I love meal planning mondays or whatever, we definitely need to expand our meal plans around here. Also, I’d love to read about running plans starting from scratch and doing so while breastfeeding a baby who wont take a paci or bottle. Or, a day in the life of like just tell us what your daily/weekly schedule looks like. I always like hearing what others do all day. Hope that helps.

You’re an awesome woman and an amazing mama and I can relate to that tired feeling when it comes to finally doing something specifically for you. I love reading your posts (and admire your very brave and very sweet – as Katie said – posts) I love all the ideas the other’s posted and I also love when people post just one photo with a quick caption, covering their day. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to read a long post, but I really really love reading my friend’s blogs, so sometimes it’s nice to just pop in and see what you’re up to that way. I would actually love to hear how it is for you to make and maintain good friendships while being such a busy mama. I think that’s one of the hardest things for me. And I mean in regards to doing things without the kids, just you and your girlfriends. Do you mostly stick with friends who are also mothers or do you still have enough in common with your non-mom friends to maintain the relationship? I find it very hard to spend one on one time with new friends who aren’t moms because the majority of my life is spent with kids and I don’t have the same experiences as they do – different life seasons are hard to mesh I guess…? Anyway, love you and this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Ladies, awesome ideas! Thank you so, so much! I will most definitely be writing about some of them very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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