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7 Years of Crazy Wonderful

Posted on: July 31, 2012

Yesterday Jonathan and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. The day itself was like any other Monday – work, errands, mothering and cleaning. But our sweet friends, Adriane and Sam, babysat the kids so that Jonathan and I could go out for the night.

We had dinner at Uchi, an award winning Japanese and sushi restaurant. After making the reservations a couple of weeks ago, I had talked to several friends who had been to Uchi before. Each person said that it was phenomenal, so my expectations were set pretty high. The way that you order is one item {or tasting} at a time. We started off with hama chili – baby yellowtail in a chili sauce with oranges. When the dish arrived, I figured it would taste like any other sushi/raw fish I’ve had before. Oh.My.Stars. I could not get over how incredible it was. We ordered a few more dishes, and they just kept getting better and better. There was not one item that we didn’t think was “the best yet”.

We spent 2 hours at Uchi, laughing, talking and being thoroughly entertained with ourselves. I told Jonathan that I couldn’t get over how, after 7 years of marriage, I enjoy being with him more now than I did before {which seemed like a lot}. Every trial we have faced, every hardship we have endured, has brought us closer together, has made our marriage stronger. Every sweet memory, every good moment, has given us more joy because we share it with each other. Marriage, it’s an amazing thing.

The last 7 years have been crazy wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what more is to come.



4 Responses to "7 Years of Crazy Wonderful"

You are amazing! The food was awesome, but it does’t even compare to you. I love you love.

Happy anniversary you two!! I know we haven’t met in person (yet!) but I think you are such an amazing couple and have created the most awesome family. 🙂

Thank you Jodi! 🙂

I thought I had commented here. Happy anniversary to an awesome Godly couple. Glad it keeps getting better and you guys love one another so well! Mmm sushi sounds awesome.

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