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A Portrait of a Baby Girl

Posted on: April 29, 2011

In September 2009, I spent a week with my parents in Tennessee. Hannah was just shy of three months old and Julia had just turned 21 months. It was a crazy, sleepless, fun trip. One afternoon, my aunt came to visit. While there, she snapped this picture of Hannah on her iPhone.

On Monday, this arrived in the mail:

Honestly, my photograph doesn’t do the painting justice

Aunt Shannon decided that she would paint Hannah’s portrait from the picture she took. Isn’t it beautiful? We hung it in our hallway, where we hope to have a row of family pictures.

What’s your Friday joy?

13 Responses to "A Portrait of a Baby Girl"

Truly beautiful Sarah!

wow! that is awesome- what an awesome surprise!!

Beautiful! Wait I just reread and realized you said your aunt painted it, wow! What a special piece of art.

My little Hannah!!!

Aw, so sweet! What a treasure…

Thanks y’all! I love the painting and am blown away that my aunt did this/gave us this. I love it. 🙂

What a cutie! I love the painting. What a wonderful idea!


Oh this painting is so beautiful and looks so lovely on your wall!!

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