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Weekend Recovery

Posted on: May 2, 2011

This weekend was a whirlwind of hosting and visiting with family and friends. Friday, my college girlfriend and bridesmaid, Rabeea, came for a visit. Saturday, Jonathan’s brother, Bradley came up from San Antonio with his girlfriend. Saturday night, we had a party with several close college friends. Sunday we spent the day sightseeing, shopping and enjoying our time with Rabeea, Bradley and Alicia. Sunday night was topped off with a free date night for Jonathan and me. It was a wonderfully fast paced and fun weekend, though very little sleep was had by anyone {including the girls} and in all that, I got a head cold.

Whew. I’m tired just writing that.

So this morning, my house looks like this:

And this:

I’m spending my morning working on this:

And with the temp being a dark and blustery 48*, I’d rather lay in bed, drinking this:

How was your weekend? 

8 Responses to "Weekend Recovery"

Sorry you got a cold along with all that fun but sounds kind of worth it…maybe? Your new kitchen is fantastic! Take good care today and try to enjoy the warm tea on the couch.

Boo for the head cold 😦 BUT, your mess looks so much prettier in you gorgeous new house–LOL!

Girl, I’m with ya. My house looks a lot like yours (only a bit more crowded!)….and I’m ready for a nap…not cleaning! 😀

Katie – totally worth it. The cold was forming on Friday, before people arrived, so it was bound to happen regardless.

Dana – Ha! Not sure a mess every looks pretty, but it does help that the mess is on pretty counters. 🙂

Alicia – Hope you get a nap today! And it does help that the mess is a little more spread out. 😉

Not sure if it would make you feel any better, but my house looks like that most of the time and usually worse as the girls have not been feeling good. Hope you get over the cold soon!

Wow sounds like you had a great weekend but so sorry that you got a cold.Hope you get to feeling better soon! We have had lots of tornado warnings lately. It has been in the eighties and now tomorrow it is only going to be in the fifties! I am sure you don’t miss this Tennessee weather.

This was totally my weekend, but I have no excuse. Well, I sort of do. We put Abby in a big girl bed which was a major project of cleaning, organizing, taking apart, putting together, purchasing new bedding for big sister, etc…

Then Abby slept great the first night in her big girl bed, but now that she’s realized she’s free to roam whenever she wants, getting her to nap is near impossible…and becoming frustrating. She was climbing in and out of her crib when the rail was up and we didn’t want her to get hurt.

So we made this change… but now that nap time is seemingly no longer happening, I’m missing out on a two hour window of freedom to clean. So my house is a total mess right now. Ugh!

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