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How to Make Mason Jar Flower Pots

Posted on: April 28, 2011

I have an abundance of mason jars that I got off Craigslist last summer. My plans to use them for canning have been postponed, since I need a canner and haven’t found a reasonability priced one yet. I decided that maybe I should use a few of them for crafts instead. A friend sent me a link about spray painting mason jars and using them as flower pots. It was too cute to pass up.

What you’ll need:

Spray paint

Mason jar{s}

Sheet/cardboard to cover ground

I used Krylon spray paint in Watermelon.

Start with your mason jar upside down. Then apply one thin coat.

The best way to achieve a thin coat is to spray from a distance of about 6 inches. Be sure to keep moving your hand back and forth, ensuring you don’t concentrate too much paint on one area.

Allow to dry.

I used Krylon, because it dries in 10 minutes. And I’m impatient.

Once dry, turn the mason jar right side up.

Spray again with a thin coat.

Allow to dry.

Flip the mason jar back over, spray again.

Repeat the process until your jar is evenly coated.

And here is my finished product, with vinca flowers planted. A cheerful welcome to our entry, don’t you think?

Have you ever made your own flower pots? 

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday!

20 Responses to "How to Make Mason Jar Flower Pots"

This is so cute! My mason-jar-loving heart is digging this (no pun intended…ha!). 😀

P.S. Have you decided what color to paint your door?

Still not sure what color to paint the door. I’m leaning a little toward burnt orange, but not sure yet what the best color will be.

OH MY GOSH! So cute! I may have a new project for the weekend. And some silk flowers to buy since there’s no way I’d keep a plant alive.

Great idea! I love canning jars, especially Ball jars since I went to Ball State University (started by the same family that made the jars).

Really cute idea!! Love it!!

I love the idea and think they are adorable, but how does it drain? Another Mason Jar project you can eat:
S’mores Cake in a Jar | How Sweet It Is

I say paint your door to match your flower pots!

Ang – you could put rocks in the bottom for drainage. I figured you could also drill holes, but I wasn’t going that far. I just bought cheap flowers, so that if they got rot, it wouldn’t be too expensive. I do like Kelsey’s idea of artificial flowers… Then they could be out year round.

Wendy – I’m tempted! But I’m not sure Jon would like it as much.

This is sooo cute! I always love Mason Jars but am not creative enough to think about what to do with them (and not smart enough to consider google).

Burnt orange sounds perfect ; )

I am constantly looking for Mason jars at yard sales. (And buttons. Strange, I know.) They are so good for storing and freeing food in, not to mention that they make everything look a little better to me. This is a great craft!

Super cute! Love the pink – so fun and happy!

So cute! I happen to have a few mason jars in my cupboard taking up space. Think I’ll go get some spray paint and make it a fun project with my daughter. {On a less windy day!} 🙂


super cute sarah! we have a burnt orange door in IC- and love it!

What a cute idea!! This would be a great project for my girls to do…the planting part, probably not the spray painting part. =p

Ahh, what a CUTE idea! I love it!

Very cheerful! My mason jar collection grows each time we eat Classico spaghetti!

Wow Sarah what a great idea. They turned out so pretty!!

This is genius! We inherited tons of canning jars when we bought our house from my husband’s grandparents’ estate. None of them have lids, though. This would be a perfect way to use some of them. If I get some extra time (and decent weather) this week, maybe I’ll give them a go as gifts for Mother’s Day!

I love the watermelon color that you used. I have painted several plates and glasses last week and each time the paint started rippling and was not smooth like yours. I tried a primer first and the same thing happened. Is there a trick to get the paint to go on smooth?
Thanks and ready to finish many projects,

Vicky – I used a regular hand held paint brush along with a microfiber brush to smooth it all out.

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