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Please Pardon the Silence

Posted on: March 30, 2011

I wish my house looked this tidy*

We sign on our house tomorrow afternoon.

The movers will be here Friday morning.

And I’ve been in crazy packing mode for the last several days.

I will have a post tomorrow to debut my feather hair extensions, but will quite back down for a few days.

So please pardon the silence this week.


*photo credit

3 Responses to "Please Pardon the Silence"

Glad the signing worked out, praying for you this week friend! I can’t imagine packing with two toddlers. I could hardly do it when I was working part time last year. I get SO distracted. I bet you’ve gained some packing skills over the past few years. But, hope this is is one of the last moves for a while for the Windhams.

Can’t wait to see the feather extensions!!

Good luck Sarah!!! I am trying to channel your packing craziness to get started on ours…

So excited for you all!!!! Hope you had a Wonderfully Blessed Birthday and look forward to seeing pictures of your new hair style!

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