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The Beginning of the End

Posted on: March 25, 2011

Folks, I’m turning 29 today. It’s the closing year of my fabulous 20’s. It’s been a grand journey and I’m looking forward to finishing the decade off with a bang.

{photo credit}

Today I’ll be celebrating with a pancake breakfast, my favorite birthday dinner {poppy seed chicken}, spending gobbles of time with my wonderful family, enjoying a free dinner at Applebee’s and getting my much needed haircut.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

10 Responses to "The Beginning of the End"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet sweet Sarah!!!!! 29 is going to be a great year! Here’s to knocking off a LOT of things from your 30 before 30 list this year. 😀
Hope you have a fabulous day.
Oh, and what’s a gobble of time? *lol*

Aww, happy birthday, Sarah!! I hope 29 is the best year of your 20s yet! 🙂

Happy Birthday, heres to finishing 20 well which I know you will!!

Thanks ladies!!

Alicia – After I wrote “gobbles of time” I wondered if I was the only person in the South under 80 that uses that phrase. 😉

Gobbles of time, love it!!

Happy birthday!!!!

And your house looks fabulous! That kitchen and playscape make me jealous. 😉

happy birthday friend! i was hoping you would post an update on your “30 before 30” list! 🙂

Hope you are having a great birthday Sarah! And I hope your girls are happy despite the lack of sleep!

Happy Birthday!! What is the update on your 30 before 30 now that you have a year left? 🙂 I am sure you will love being 29! It is 30 I am just not so sure about!

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Hope you had a great day!!!

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