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Top Ten Holiday Highlights

Posted on: November 30, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday} Our Thanksgiving was quite the event. Lots {lots} of traveling, eating, shopping and time with family. It was a wonderful time and made me so thankful to see what our future will look like being in the same state with family for the first time in six years.  Here are my top ten highlights from our week:

1. Flying with the girls – I’ll admit I was a little timid about flying solo with both girls, but they did amazing. However, I gave them a candy cane towards the end of the flight which lead to extreme hyperactivity. Never an easy thing when confined to a 3×2 foot space. But at least it was only the last 20 minutes and most of the passengers thought it was cute/funny.

2. Eating Mexican food – I’m sure having Mexican food will eventually get old. But nothing starts off a move to Texas quite like fajitas, queso and warm, fresh tortillas.

3. Baking, baking, baking – I love baking. My sister-in-law loves baking. Put us in the kitchen together making Thanksgiving goodies and we were two happy little mamas.

4. Shopping, shopping, shopping – My SIL, brother and I decided that it would just be a fabulous idea to stay up all night Thursday night/Friday morning to participate in Black Friday shopping. Yeah, maybe that idea ranks up there with giving the girls sugar on a plane.

5. Being with family – I adore my brother’s family. My two nieces are precious and I love seeing them and their interactions with my girls. It’s pure delight. *sigh*

6. Drastic weather change – When I left Iowa it was freezing, hailing and rainy. When I got to Texas it was 85. Now, I’m not thrilled about no longer having winter-ish weather, but I think come January I’ll be pretty happy.

7. Texas – I’m not sure there’s much to say other than “It’s good to be home”. Although, I do feel like I’m on vacation, since we’re still with family while Jonathan is in Austin this week starting work and waiting for the movers to deliver our belongs. Still, just being in Texas is a sweet, sweet thing.

8. Coffee – My SIL makes coffee several times a day. Yesterday we had coffee at breakfast, coffee again after the girls got up from naps and then again when my brother came home from work and made up ice cream lattes. Ah, I could get use to this kind of coffee drinking.

9. Being with family – I know I already said this one, but it’s so warms my heart. I just love the closeness, the familiarity, the feeling of belonging that comes with being with my family.

10. Reliance on God – Despite all my highlights, the last week hasn’t been a cake walk. But God has shown me His continual faithfulness in the midst of trials. Things haven’t gone according to plan, Jonathan is in Austin while we’re in Ft. Worth, our stuff is on a moving van somewhere in the Midwest and life happens. But it’s allowing me to constantly rely on God and not myself.

How was your Thanksgiving? What are your highlights?

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6 Responses to "Top Ten Holiday Highlights"

Glad you guys had a good holiday!
I actually decided not to do anything stressful this year by limiting the amount of dishes prepared and it was an awesome, stress free night of dinner + movie =perfect.

That’s the way to do it! I wish we would have watched more movies over the holiday. Maybe for Christmas!

Your list made me smile, especially #4. =) I kept the shopping to a minimum this year.

We hosted my parents and a family from church for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a busy but fun day, with 12 people in our little bungalow. I enjoyed the baking part too, though I wish I’d done a bit more ahead of time. But we still enjoyed the results. Finishing the last bit off today…

Oh I love coffee but my stomach could not handle 3 times a day. Would love to be able to do that though, drinking it is so cozy.

I’m so glad you’re home! 🙂 And, really, how could Mexican food get old?

Mexican food?!! So exciting I doubt it will get old. When my family asked us what we wanted to do during our visit we said, “eat TexMex!” and drove an hour and a half to Lubbock to do just that. We also did some shopping but mostly just ate.

I’m so glad ya’ll are home enjoying family. I can’t wait to live in Austin through you. I can think of so many things: Barton Springs, Zilker Park, Zilker trail of lights, the green belt, Whole Foods, Central Market, the play ground and little trail at Central Market! Ohhh the place you will go.

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