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My Top {Ten} Non-Sugar Sweets

Posted on: October 5, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday} I spent some time last night figuring out good “sweet” options for this month’s no sugar/no coffee diet. After being so tired all weekend and then taking a 2 hour nap yesterday, I realized I need something to give me a pick me up. So here’s the list I decided on as my  sweet alternatives:

1. Granola – A faithful standby, I love granola. I got some from the co-op last night that is their house special {rather than baking my own}.

2. Peanut butter – You have to be a little mindful, since most peanut butters either have high fructose corn syrup or sugars, but those that don’t are a great sweetener.

3. Honey – We have raw honey we bought from the farmer’s market this summer. It is finger lickin’ good {yes, I have actually just put it on my finger to eat it – don’t judge ;)}.

4. Agave – Since my no sugar/no coffee diet I haven’t baked anything, but in the past agave has been a great substitute for sugar and I’m hoping to bring it out again over the next few weeks {I’m missing out on all the awesome pumpkin recipes this month!!}.

5. Grapes – More so than any other fruit, I think grapes are super sweet. Which is good, because I never feel too bad if I sit down and eat an entire bowl of grapes. Unlike when I eat an entire bag of cookies.

6. Fruits – Someone posted in the comments yesterday that apples supposedly give you a boost much like coffee. I’ve not researched it, but I do know fruits help give me a little something.

7. Yogurt – Similar to peanut butter, you have to read the ingredients on yogurts. Ours has evaporated cane juice, which we agreed tonight might be okay to try, since it’s not processed {like sugar}. We’ll see how my body react to it over the next couple of days. Worse case, I go to plain and add honey.

8. 100% Juice – Along with fruit, just having juice or making yummy popsicles to snack on.

9. Fasting – Ok, since the whole idea of my goal this month is to avoid sugar, then fasting will take place.

10. Your ideas – Whatcha got?? Throw them at me!

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8 Responses to "My Top {Ten} Non-Sugar Sweets"

Good list. I don’t think though that the evaporated cane juice is going to be much different (or really any better) than sugar. It’s still going to be processed in your body in relatively the same way (in terms of insulin response, etc.), and since your goal is reducing headaches, I’d avoid it. I would say your best bet with plain yogurt is to mix it with fruit. I have found some all fruit spreads that don’t have added sugar and I like putting that in plain yogurt, sweetens it more throughout vs just chunks of fruit in there.

grapes were on sale at walmart yesterday for $.75 lb!

I have heard recently that Agave is not as great as it seems to be…a bummer because I liked using it in things like bread and drinks. However since it is a much higher price than honey and seems to serve about the same purpose for me I don’t miss it all that much!

Don’t hate…..but since the people in the Mediterranean region have good health, I’m thinking if a small cup of strong coffee and a fresh pastry, preferably a good chocolate croissant, in the afternoon is good enough for them, it’s good enough for me 😉 Maybe even a glass of wine in the evening! Ok, technically I don’t even like wine, but I do hear it’s good for the heart in moderation. I do understand about the headaches…..are you sure they are not hormonal?

You could always make your own yogurt, and then you’d know for sure what’s in it! I love it with raw honey, vanilla, and slices of banana. 😀

What about herbal tea with honey (and….maybe a little half&half? shhhhhhhh…..)?

You’re doing great, Sarah!

Have you looked into stevia? It might be too expensive for baking, but seems to work nice to sweeten a cup of tea, etc.

Way to go Sarah! Your list looks good, I’m with ya on the grapes! You will be glad you did this down the road. (So I keep telling myself! 😉

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