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Book giveaway!

Posted on: July 5, 2010

We have family in town, so the blog has taken back seat these last few days. However, I wanted to pass along a wonderful book giveaway my friend Andrea is doing {PLUS, it’s her first ever giveaway!}.

The book is titled, Safely Home, and is a realistic fiction on the underground church in China. Read here for more information.

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Be sure to enter, you have until Saturday! And when you do, tell Andrea I sent ya!

2 Responses to "Book giveaway!"

Hey Sarah! Hope you’re doing well. I read Safely Home before I lived in China, but I have since learned that the portrayal of the underground church is based on fairly outdated information. My suggestion is to read it and enjoy it as a work of fiction, but get your info about the Chinese church from more updated sources.

Thanks for the insight. I’ve not actually read it, but I’ll keep that in mind if/when I do!

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