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The night we ran out of diapers

Posted on: July 1, 2010

Because of some mama laziness forgetfulness, we didn’t have any disposable diapers for Hannah on Tuesday night. See, we’ve never done cloth over night with the girls, only disposables. Originally, with Julia we didn’t want anything else {wet cloth diaper} contributing her already bad sleeping habits. And with Hannah, well it’s just easier. That is, until you forget to buy diapers.

Which is why I love cloth diapers. No matter what, I always have them. I can reuse them. They go through multiple children. And depending on what style you get, they last the same child for their whole diapering life. Not to mention, they are really cute. You’d be surprised at how many people compliment us on Hannah’s wraps.

Especially the cow prints {which happen to be my favorite}.

We made it through Tuesday night without issue. And again Wednesday night. I still haven’t gotten disposables. I’m getting hooked on using cloth overnight and not planning to turn back any time soon. Eek!

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6 Responses to "The night we ran out of diapers"

I’m a huge fan of the cute little cloth diapers and use them all the time! But, I just have all white ones….b.o.r.i.n.g! Your patterns are adorable so it’s a good thing you’re using them more 🙂

That’s awesome! The cow cloth is fab. Truly.

Sooo cute! I’m shopping for diapers today.

Also, what brand is the cow diaper?

I need to get my cloth diapers ordered before my little man gets here! Awesome that you can go overnight now! What brand do you use again? I love the fabric!

Derricca, I use prefolds with wraps (Bummis and Mother’s Touch). I got them off Green Mountain Diapers (google it). It’s a Christian based business and I’ve just had really great service with them.

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