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I just spent $38.25 to restock my entire pantry

Posted on: March 10, 2010

You read that right. $38.25 to restock my pantry.


I went with Leah to Central Discount Grocery, which is a local discount store about 20 minutes from where we live. They sell expired or past date boxed items for pennies on the dollar. But last year, I decided I needed to get over my pickiness about that sorta thing. And now, I love it! Here’s a snap shot of what I scored today:

I couldn’t fit everything into one picture, so I left out items. In total, this is what I got:

– five boxes of individually packaged sun crystals (raw sugar)

– two boxes of Back to Nature cookies

– two boxes of Immaculate cookies

– four bottles of Classico spaghetti sauce

– two boxes of Back to Nature vanilla wafers

– one bag of rice crackers

– one box of Moon Pies (not the healthy things, but nothing says summer more than moon pies and RC cola)

– two bags of Smart Food popcorn clusters

– one bag of Back to Nature cherry granola

– six boxes of Cascadian Farms granola bars

– four boxes of Cascadian Farms cereal

– two boxes of Mother’s cereal

– four cans of Ro-tel

– two cans of Hunt’s all-natural tomato sauce

– four cans of Hunt’s all-natural dice tomatoes

– six boxes of Earth’s Best sunny day snack bars (granola bars for kiddos)

– two bottles of Annie’s organic BBQ sauce

– one bottle of Spectrum organic ranch dressing

– one bottle of Briannas blue cheese dressing

– one bottle of Welch’s reduce sugar jelly

– two boxes of Nature’s Path organic oatmeal (with cranberries and flaxseed)

– one box of Back to Nature’s cheddar crackers

Whew! Just writing that made me excited!! I don’t know what the grand total would be if I had paid full price, but I’d be willing to bet it’d be close to $150-200. I think Crystal of Money Saving Mom would be proud! πŸ™‚

14 Responses to "I just spent $38.25 to restock my entire pantry"

what happened to tomorrow??? πŸ™‚ both girls go down? now i gotta get moving! at least i already took my picture(s) πŸ™‚ dude, i totally was reading the smart food popcorn and this is what it said on the back : “chocolate cookie-flavored popcorn and sensible calcium and fiber? that’s like really sexy heels you can actually walk in” hilarious! enjoyed our time, but i am seriously wiped out!

I couldn’t wait, I was too excited! πŸ™‚ Yep, both girls are out like a light. Maybe I should be sleeping too??? I didn’t read that on the Smart Food, but I love it! It’s perfect for our lives, right? Thanks for going, we should make it a monthly/bi-monthly habit.

Where is the store you went to?
You gals are an inspiration!!

It’s down the road from Stringtown and the Cheese Factory in Kalona. It’s open MWS from 8-5. It’s amazing.

that is what I’M TALKING ABOUT! love it! that is all i spent last week too! and probably will only have to go every other week! πŸ™‚

Hahaha! You two crack me up..

Whenever my dad comes into town he always wants to go there.. so we always go early arriving around 8 AM on a Saturday, last time I was there I found the best Organic Alphabet Cookies/Cracker things for 50 CENTS? amazing considering I saw them at the coop the other day for over 3.00 a box, whoa. And I bought some oatmeal, that wasn’t even expired yet.

Congrats on all your finds!

Wow, you guys may not have stores there that do double coupons, but THAT may be even better! Way to go!

Do you know if they restock for Saturdays??? Or is it all that is left from the week of people being there on Monday and Wednesday???

I’ve no clue, actually. Andrea G or Jamie might know…

That is awesome, Sarah. Do you know where that place would be in Scotland? Or could you magically make the dollar worth more here? πŸ™‚

i’m pretty sure they restock on wednesday and then it’s leftovers the rest of the days!

When my dad and I go on Saturdays as long as you get there early, the shelves are full and TONS of people, so I would say they have to restock at some point.. but when we asked them one time when we were there when they get the items, they said it is all hit and miss, it all depends on when they get items from other stores, no gaurentee on dates.

This is so awesome, way to go! I MUST find something like this in the Seattle area.

Oh how I love America!

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