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I got me a good man

Posted on: August 3, 2009

Southern Living does a personal/fun story on the last page of their magazine every month. July’s issue was “What Southern Women Want in Men”. There was a list of 15 things Southern women like/want in men (not just their husbands, but all men). I’d say with the exception of one (something to do with college ball) I agreed with all of them. Somewhere on the list was “the ability to build things, i.e. homes, home renovations, etc”. And ya know what? This Southern gal really likes that her man can build things. In the last two months, Jonathan has renovated our basement and then this past weekend he built this:



With the help of two friends, Jonathan constructed our pergola. It is a beauty! I sat outside for part of this afternoon and the porch is nearly completely shaded. It’s wonderful. Kinda like Jonathan. 🙂

2 Responses to "I got me a good man"

It looks incredible!!! And yes, you DO have a good man!!!!!

Man! I am so jealous right now… Tim can’t build squat. I’ll be lucky if he can put leggos together for Graham some day 🙂

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