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Anniversary Extravaganza 2009!

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Well, in tradition of the last four year, we’re sticking with the Extravaganza theme, even if things aren’t as extravagant with 2 kiddos. 😉

Thursday night we had dinner at Devotay in downtown IC. It is delicious! We went last year and it has become a favorite place for special celebrations. The funniest part, for two people who like to try new things, we each got the exact same dishes that we got last year. Says a lot for the place. If I get the same thing twice, you know it’s good. Aside from the food, we had a wonderful time reminiscing and daydreaming about the future. After dinner, we walked around and spent some time browsing through Prairie Lights (yet another Windham favorite).

Friday  Jonathan came home early from work. We spent a good amount of time outside building our pergola. Then we went to dinner (maybe that’s where the extravagance comes in – dinner out in two days!) and a party with the girls. Later we ended the night hanging out with some good friends.

Saturday we woke up early, got some coffee and took the girls for a long walk. They both fell asleep (yeah!) and we got some good time alone talking about life and other sweet things. Afterward we headed out to Wilson’s Apple Orchard. We wrapped up the day with doing more pergola work, dinner and a night just enjoying the fall like weather in August.

Sunday we spent family time shopping at Wal-Mart and Kohls (woot-woot), where I scored a very good deal on some new tennies. Jonathan finished off our pergola and I took my first post-Hannah run.

All in all, we had a really great weekend. Our anniversary is becoming less the extravaganza it was the first two years, but I like sticking with the theme all the same. Makes it seem more extravagant to me. 😉 And who knows, come our 25th, there might just be a true Anniversary Extravaganza (Hawaii anyone?!).

1 Response to "Anniversary Extravaganza 2009!"

I love how much you obviously love and respect your husband. That must mean the world to him, and I am SURE it is on the top of the list of 15 things Southern Men love in their women: respect and appreciation. Anyway, way to be a great wife and mother.

We also love the extravaganza theme- we do a birthday week and anniversary week, where we try to do as many fun things as possible! 8 years runnin’…

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