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Coffee, friend or foe?

Posted on: July 13, 2009

Julia woke up this morning at 1:30. Didn’t go back to sleep till after 4. For an hour.

Hannah woke up at 3:30. Didn’t go back to sleep till after 5.

I originally woke up at 2:30 (since Jonathan got up with Julia). Fell back asleep until 3:30.

I have been up ever since.

Around 9:30 this morning I was in desperate need of coffee.

Got said coffee. Took the girls to the park to burn off any remaining energy Julia had.

Came home. Ate lunch.

Put Julia to bed around 11:30.

Put Hannah to bed around 11:45.

Me? Still awake.

Physically tired, but mentally awake.

Can’t sleep.

Wish I could.

Stupid coffee.

Coffee, my love.

I’m still trying to figure out if I love coffee or hate it.

Since the girls went to bed, I’ve cleaned the upstairs, started three loads of laundry, paid random bills, had a quite time, cleaned my bedroom and surfed the web.

Without coffee, I could be asleep right now.

Without coffee, I would not have made it through my morning.

With coffee, I got a lot of stuff done.

With coffee, I am wired.

Friend or foe?

4 Responses to "Coffee, friend or foe?"

Sounds like maybe you would benefit from a half caf 🙂
Sorry for your rough night. Praying that the girls sleep much better tonight and their momma gets some much needed rest.

oh sister.. feel your pain. i do i do!
right now we are in cali and all in the same room (anna and us) so it’s quite interesting!
hope you get sleep tonight! praying for you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I so relate…well not to the crazy night you had, just to the coffee dilemna. First time to see your site. Love the description of yourself. The first 3 descriptions are constant prayers of mine. Haven’t jumped onto the green-living bandwagon, but do try to be aware.

I’m so glad that my post helped! I have to remind myself of that scripture so often. Somehow I have two VERY strong willed children. Wonder who they got that from? 😉

I have to work so hard to keep my tone gentle and not let my temper get away with me. Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit! He is growing His fruit in me and my children are His partners, they give me so many opportunitys to grow!

The very day that this post came out I yelled at them. Just keeping it real.

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