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My life in numbers

Posted on: July 11, 2009

In sequence –

1 – the number of Pepsis I’ve had so far today.

2 – the number of miles I walked with Jack this morning.

3 – the number of hours I slept in a row last night.

4 – the number of years Jonathan and I will have been married this month.

5 – the number of pounds I’ve lost this week! 🙂

In random order –

166 – the number of days til Christmas.

8 – the number of weeks until the “4th trimester” is over.

27 – the number of pounds I’ve lost since having Hannah.

19 – the number of days til our anniversary.

21 – the number of days til the apple orchard opens.

And my favorite set of numbers to report:

3.5 – the number of weeks and days it took to fit into pre-Hannah pants!

That’s right. Today I officially fit into my pre-Hannah pants. I started wearing them last week, but had to tie the button with a hair tie to help them fit. But not today! Today they fit.

Next goal is to wear my pre-Julia jeans. They still have to be tied, but hopefully not for much longer! 🙂

1 Response to "My life in numbers"

Holy cow 27 pounds, that’s freaking amazing! I think it took me a year to loose that after having Graham 😦 Congrats on the jeans, that’s the best feeling in the whole world, just to finally be able to wear regular clothes again. Hope your day is going well!

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