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How is cloth going…. really…. I mean, how is it going?

Posted on: July 18, 2008

This what my friend, Leah, asked me today. That, my dear readers is a loaded question, and one that I, in fact, asked myself this morning.

So, how is cloth going…

I’ve come to this one simple conclusion, if you are going to do cloth with your babe (or babes) you have to really, REALLY want to do cloth. It has to be something that you are willing to put in a little extra time and effort. Plus, it helps if you can deal with a little poo. See, me, I have a very high tolerance for all things gross. Blood, vomit, pee, poo, nasty, nasty trash. Low gag reflex, high tolerance. However, if you are like, say, Jonathan, who gags thinking about gross things, then dealing with poo cloth diapers are not for you.

We are still using disposables when Julia sleeps at night (for mere ease and not worrying that she’ll wake herself because of being wet) and plan to use them when we travel – as I don’t really see cleaning a cloth diaper in the hotel room at Faithwalkers or at my mom’s house!

Alright, now to answer the question that I know everyone is thinking. Just how do you “dispose” of the poo?

Step by step: I change Julia, putting the poo diaper on the edge of her diaper hamper. Once she is taken care of, I take the poo diaper to the bathroom and dunk it in the toilet. Using the parts of the none poo areas, I clean the diaper as best as I can. I rinse out the excess water and drop it into her diaper hamper. After which I wash my hands. ***Now, I will say that I do use my elbows for a lot of things during this process as not to touch anything – like the faucet or toilet handle – with my hands until after they are thoroughly washed (I’ve become even more obsessive about washing my hands since this new diapering adventure!).***

I haven’t had to soak any of the poo diapers and they haven’t stained, even after sitting in the diaper hamper for two or three days (they don’t stay longer than that because I have to wash the diapers every 2-3 days to maintain our supply).

There have been a few minor draw backs in my mind.

First, I never really know when Julia is wet because I can’t feel her diaper like I could with disposables. And I really think she needs to be changed at least every hour, hour and a half at the max. More than that and the diaper doesn’t absorb like it should. Of course, I could use a doubler/liner but don’t.

Second, it did take Julia about a week to adjust to cloth from disposables. She is more aware now when she is wet than she did before. This made for some crying whenever we were out shopping and she peed. She’s gotten use to it, and we’ve even gotten to where she’ll wear them for nap time. On the flip side, the good thing about her heightened awareness is that it’ll hopefully help her potty train sooner.

Third, is that cloth is a LOT bulkier. This makes for some snug fitting pants, which is a little more annoying since Julia seems to have issues with shorts/bloomers being to tight in her legs, now they are too tight in the bum too.

Ultimately, I am glad we made the switch. I really do love the idea of cloth diapering, I love the look of the wraps, and I really think they are going to be better for everyone (Julia, me, Jonathan, the planet) in the long run. I think that if there is ever a Baby Dubya 2, we will start from the beginning using cloth – hopefully even using them at night but having disposables for ease of traveling. Using them from the beginning will help alleviate any transition period for the babe and will just, in my opinion, be easier in the end. Plus, when the poo diapers are solely breastfed poo, then you can wash them without rinsing them out first. Which is one less step to deal with and makes things easier! And, as my engineering minded husband points out, the money saved is unbeatable. Jonathan figured that we’ve spent at least $400+ on disposables so far that we can never get back. If that is in, say, 8 months time, then you’re looking at roughly $600 a year, or $1200-1500+ for two or more years. Our start up cost for cloth was less than $200, and the on going cost for Julia is sure to be less than another $200. Yet, like I said before, you have to really, REALLY want to do cloth, otherwise I think you’ll be far more likely to stop and switch to disposables.

I hope that helps answer any questions for you curious minded people. If not, ask away and I can provide any answer, sparing no poopie detail! 🙂

10 Responses to "How is cloth going…. really…. I mean, how is it going?"

Actually, you do have to wash out the breastfeeding poo because it really stains the diapers. And you have the added joy of having it in the baby’s hair because it runs up their back. But….. it is very do able. I should know, I did it with you and your older siblings.

Congratulations on adhering to your decision and Dave and I am very proud of you for going so green!

man oh man… thanks for the truth. at least you didn’t sugar coat it like some of the web sites that i’ve been reading! i still think we are going to go for it.. hopefully sometime in the next month- so we can swap poop stories! :)~L

Good point on the stain, mom. I didn’t think about that one. I have just read that the brestfed poo can be washed, especially in high effecient machines. Hmm… poo in the hair. Always a favorite! Surprisingly, though, we’ve haven’t had any blow out since Julia made the switch. Which, ya know, I’m all thankful for!!

Leah – Go for it!!

Leah- you’re going to go cloth too?!? Wow- I remember shopping for yarn with you guys once and mentioning that I hope to do cloth someday and you thought that was pretty crazy (mostly the ick factor if I remember). Anyway, that’s awesome!
And Sarah- glad it’s going well. I personally don’t think I’d care much about stained dipes as long as they are clean, but that’s just me- I’d just toss them in to save the work! I wonder if you could add vinegar or baking soda since both of those can help with stains. Not sure how that would work in a HE washer though. I think that drying in the sun can help with stains as well-I’m pretty sure I read that once in my diaper research!
By the way- here’s a link for the cost comparison- Jonathan will probably like it!http://www.thebabymarketplace.com/whyuseclothdiapers.pdf#search=%22%22why%20use%20cloth%20diapers%22%22

Only problem with the sun dried diaper is it is particulary rough on the soft baby butt. Just a thought.

You can buy a little sprayer that attaches to your toilet if you don’t want to do the dunking. We are considering the switch to cloth, and I will definitely get one if we do!

Here’s one that’s made for that purpose: http://www.tinytush.com/Mini-Shower_p_86-584.html, but apparently you can buy something similar at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot that attaches in the same way.

Kirsten thanks for the info! I’ve heard about the sprayer, but wasn’t sold on it. However, if you guys do cloth and you use it, you’ll have to let me know if it’s worth the money! 🙂

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