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These are a few of my favorite things… (sung like Julie Andrews)

Posted on: July 17, 2008

Since we’ve made some crazy green changes in the Windham household, I’ve come to have some new favorites that I can’t sing about enough. Really, I do actually sing about them. Mostly to Julia who thinks I still have a pretty voice.

1. Lentils. I’m not sure why, but lentils just never seemed all that appealing. But since we’re having two vegetarian meals a week, lentils were bound to get into the rotation. So last night I made Curried Lentils with Vegetables. Can I just say “Yuuuummmy!”. Man, that stuff was delicious! Thanks to my success with last night’s meal, lentils are now making their way to my favorite things list.

2. Curry. Curry scares me. Not the taste, because I love, love, love curry, but actually preparing it makes me really nervous. Whenever I see my favorite Indian dishes I always imagine that it must have taken hours and hours plus years of experience to create such a scrumptous dish. Turns out it just takes curry powder. Ha, who knew?

3. Bummis Super Brite Wraps. Sounds like a food, but it’s a babe butt cover. These Bummis’ have gussets that help keep the cloth diaper (as well as the contents of the diaper) in the wrap. They are a bit more handwashing friendly then their cousin, Bummis Super Whisper. But the gussets alone were what sold me.

4. DTV. We just got the digital converter box for out TV. Despite the fact that we did actually lose some channels (long story there), we did gain two PBS stations! And since we Windhams love our PBS, it has been a wonderful addition to have.

5. Finally, a picture of three of my most favorite things, ever.

2 Responses to "These are a few of my favorite things… (sung like Julie Andrews)"

Oh man, dog + baby = awesomely cute.

-Alicia S.

I agree with alicia that that pic is way too cute! and I can vouch for the lentil dish as leftovers- they are darn tasty!
btw, my spicy red lentil soup tonight was pretty good stuff too! wanna come over for lunchy lentil leftovers tomorrow? 🙂

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