A Wife Loved Like The Church

Free cat to good home. Scratch that. Free cat to any home.

Posted on: June 20, 2008

Yours for the taking: Orange tabby cat, approximately 5 years old. Enjoys hiding from people, meowing, begging for food and hunting. Does not like to cuddle, excessively sheds and has no known redeeming qualities. But, if you enjoy having rats, rabbits or birds for dinner, this cat is purrfect for you. She will gladly bring live rodents to your back door!

2 Responses to "Free cat to good home. Scratch that. Free cat to any home."

I’d like a cat like that! When and where?

You are in luck my dear! That same cat will be awaiting your arrival, hidden under the bed of course, when you come home this evening. However, the baby rabbit she brought into the house this morning has been set free again, so we will not be having rabbit soup for dinner. Sorry.

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