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No ‘poo and cloth diapering update

Posted on: July 1, 2008

I’ve been doing no ‘poo for almost three weeks now. I’m washing my hair with b/s every Monday and Friday and doing a acv rinse every third wash. I’ve started just putting a small amount of b/s in my palm, adding water and making a paste I scrub on my scalp. The trickest part so far has been figuring out how much acv to use. Everything I read says 1-2 tbsp, but when I do that I find my hair is super oily. The funny part is that it’s oiliest in the very front, which is where I first pour on the acv. So yesterday I cut back to 1 tsp acv and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this does the trick.

I will say this much about no ‘pooing. My hair really has gotten a lot more compliments! And the amazing thing is, people are complimenting on it even when I haven’t washed it in a few days. Sweet! Plus, I barely have to curl/flat iron it, because it’s holding onto so much more volume than before. Double sweet!

Now for the diapers…

When I first started reading through the instructions that came with the diapers I seriously thought of returning them. The instructions called for all these expensive detergents that I would have to order online, saying that I needed to completely scrub my washer and never use any other soap than what they recommended, unless I didn’t really care that much about my daughter. Plus, I needed special oxgenated detergent that I should use for the second washing cycle. Like the good mama I am, I went off to New Pi to search for these detergents. I figure if New Pi has it, I’ll buy ’em. They didn’t. Surpisingly, neither did Hy-Vee or Wal-Mart. So I gave up and bought Seventh Generation for Babies. I figured I don’t really want to go through all the trouble of scrubbing my washer, buying special expensive soap and oxgenated detergent. I’ll stick with a nicer brand when it goes on sale.

Yeah, so that all happened before we even tried the diapers.

The first few times with the diapers were bumpy to say the least. Julia is NOT a fan of being able to feel wet after she pees. And the problem is, even if she pees just a little it’s too much for her. The first day I felt like I was changing a barely wet diaper every 20-30 minutes before I just put on a disposible and went on with life. Then this weekend we were traveling a lot and had guests in town, so she spend the majority of the time in disposibles. I would attempt to put her in cloth, but then it would only stay on her for less than an hour before I switched back over to the others.

Finally today, she has spent a good majority of the time in cloth. I even got the joy of changing her first pooping cloth diaper! It wasn’t so bad in all actuality. She’s adjusting to dealing with being wet longer than a minute (because I really don’t want to be changing her every 5 minutes!) and we’ve set some rules for when to use cloth and when to use disposibles. Since Julia wakes herself up if she gets wet while she sleeps, I’m still going to put her in disposibles for naptime and overnight for mere sanity! Otherwise, I’m hoping that during the day she will be sportin’ her ghetto cloth diaper booty.

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