A Wife Loved Like The Church


Posted on: June 19, 2008

Julia is teething. BLERG! And I have to say it’s a pain in my booty!

Her front bottom teeth came in without a fight. Mild fussiness that could be dismissed as a grouchy day. Not so with these top teeth. Oh, no. Those bad boys are coming in and letting everybody and their mamas know it. BLERG!

Perhaps teething for an infant is equivalent to childbirth for a mom. I mean, you are pushing something out of you that seems unholy and unnatural at the time. But once they arrive you can’t imagine life without them.

*Blerg, anything bad or upsetting – something used when there is nothing else to say, is a Liz Lemon favorite that I feel it way under used and best describes my week.

1 Response to "Blerg!"

My great-grandma’s teething cure was a bit of whiskey rubbed across the gums.

-Alicia S.

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