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Whoa! Jonathan and I made it in the paper!

Posted on: August 5, 2007

So, our lives aren’t really boring.

Last week Jonathan and I were interviewed by this girl, Kate, from the Press Citizen concerning the cost of having a child (hospital stay, buying items, etc). Here’s the link to the site: Parents prep for birth.

There was only one disappointing part of the article. We spent the majority of the time expressing to Kate our beliefs on God, who He is in our lives and how that effects how we will raise our kids. Yeah, that didn’t get written. But I had a feeling it wouldn’t. When Jonathan and I walked away from the interview all we could do was pray that at least Kate understood what we said, even if it never went to print.

It’s a little strange to read about ourselves through the eyes of someone else. We explained to Kate about some hardships we faced over Christmas, and while I know my heart and what God has done for me through that time, it’s awkward to see it written and to wonder how others will take it. When something effects you deeply, it seems a little trite to sum it up in less than a paragraph. Maybe the section should have said “…she worried that maybe it wasn’t God’s plan for her to have children. But that doesn’t make God any less worthy of her praise.”

Part of me wants to help explain the situation, to explain that God is a good and faithful God, and that while I doubted where I thought my life was going, I never doubted Him. But alas, that can’t be expressed.

And so I will need to rest in knowing that we shared our faith with Kate, even if it was Kate alone. And we either planted a seed or watered one. From here only God can make it grow.

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Dude! The UIHC is terrible about giving totals for deliveries since they say there are so many variants… they told us between 11K to 18K, 18K for the c-section. We stayed one night and Miriam was healthy and it cost 12K. Crazy!

Whenever we’ve been interviewed I am generally misrepresented and I often times think about how we read so much in print and think it is the honest truth, but in reality, maybe they were misquoted too?

Thankfully though, like you said, God is in it and will use it for His ultimate good no matter what! Praise God for that! Much love!

pretty cool.. nice picture by the way! 🙂

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