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Anniversary Extravaganza 2007!

Posted on: August 1, 2007

I have made it almost a month without a single post. Nothing that exciting (or exciting enough to write on a blog) seems to be happening right now. But never fear, I’m sure my life will be filled with enough sleepless nights and poopfilled drama to keep you all entertained come winter.

This last weekend, Jonathan and I celebrated Anniversary Extravaganza 2007! I had Monday and Tuesday off, because we were planning a trip out of town that fell through. So we took Sunday and my two vacation days to spend together. I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy having vacation at home much more than going some place. We were never rushed, and really the only concern we had was how long to stay at the pool before we went out to dinner.

Well, to give a play by play synopsis of our AE ’07, here goes:

Sunday: Jonathan got this book “Oddball Iowa” from Chris Biang a few months back. We’ve never really looked through it, but gave it a whirl. We drove to Dyersville to visit the Field of Dreams. Luck for us, the last Sunday of every summer month the “Ghost Players” come out of the field and have a little show. We made it just in time to see some really old men (some have been doing this since the movie came out in 1989) pop out of the corn. It was fun, and something completely different from what I imagined. For some reason, I really thought they’d be like baseball players, but they just had some beer guts and threw the ball to little kids. All the same, we agreed with when Baby Dubya is older, we’ll have to take her.

Afterwards, we drove to Dubuque and took Jack to PetSmart. Then took a scenic drive down the Mississippi before heading home.

Monday: We got up kinda late and headed over to the Mall for Chick-Fil-A’s breakfast chicken biscuit (yummy!), and cruised around the mall for a few hours. Of course, we found ourselves (like always) at Barnes and Noble. Around noon we went to see The Simpsons. Oh man, this was a funny, funny movie. However, if you go see it, keep in mind that it’s a movie and doesn’t have the same censorship as T.V. All the same, it was pretty entertaining. Then off to home we went, for a nice long nap (for me!) while Jonathan put up the mini blinds in our dining area. When I woke up, I was way excited to see the blinds (as this has been something I’ve wanted done for a long, long time!), and I was floored to see that my wonderful hubby bought be 24 red roses (1 rose for every month we’ve been married). 🙂 Man, they are simply gorgeous.

We spent the late afternoon at the Coralville pool (note to self: pool, bathing suit and large crowds does nothing for yourself esteem when you’re pregnant). Jonathan feel in love with the big slides, and I was rather dissapointed that I couldn’t go down them. One of the best parts of pools is when they have water slides. 😦 But oh well, maybe next summer.

Tuesday: We built some shelves in the garage, went downtown for some personal time with God, then watched a movie while we ate dinner. Last night we did a major overhaul in our garden.

**Random side note: Does anyone else have massively overgrown tomatoes?! Seriously, our tomato plants have vines that are 6+ feet long. I’m not even kidding. We had to cut them out of their fencing, buy some trelice and cut off a ton of vines. They have gotten so long they are taking over. I know it’s good and all, but man, the plants are dying because they’re too heavy. We ended up throwing away a lot of fruit because they were rotting. Bummer. But all I think we’ll still get a good group before the the end of the season.

**Random side note #2: Wilson’s Orchard opens today. In fact, I even had a dream about it last night. It was a weird dream, so I’ll spare you the details, but still, I’m way happy for some pick your own apples. Jonathan and I might try to go this weekend to get some apples for dessert on Monday.

Well, hopefully something really fun and blog worthy will happen this month so I can actually have something fun to write about.

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