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The package deal

Posted on: August 7, 2007

An email between my friend, Jen H. and I made me think about package deals in marriage and family.

Before I got married I would Google different sites for way sweet travel deals. I would see some ticket to Europe for $400 and think “Wow, how sweet would that be? Go to Europe for 400 bucks!” Now I see that and I double it. Going to Europe for $800 isn’t as sweet sounding of a deal as $400. Not that I have room to complain. I’ve traveled more since I’ve been with Jonathan than I ever did single. But still, when you double everything it sorta knocks out the whole “sweet deal” that you find.

Then I thought how hard it is to visit our family and friends outside of Iowa (because of the whole doubling thing), and realized we should be advertising ourselves as a package deal. Listed below are just of few options that you, my beloved out-of-state friends and family could purchase.

“The Windham Duo” (available for a limited time!) – for the low price of gas money, a spare spot of floor, some blankets and a chew toy, you could purchase Jonathan, Jack and myself for a weekend (or week!) of pure Windham madness.

“The Windham Package” (coming late November) – for the low, low price of 3 plane tickets, an entire room for all our stuff, and patience to deal with two sleep deprived adult, you could purchase a week with one incredibly cute girl.

“The Windham Clan” – for those out there willing to splurge on a little something more, you will get the “package” plus Jack, for an extra fee of doggy treats and a big back yard.

We are now standing by for orders.

4 Responses to "The package deal"

Well, sign us up by cracky!! That is a better deal than a “blue light special on a tax free weekend after Thanksgiving” sale! How about Christmas? Once she gets old enough you will want to stay home. Take advantage of some rest time in the wonderful day spa like atmosphere of the Mann clan (plus one) household. Now THAT would be a sweet deal all the way around!


ha…that made me laugh… so true… 🙂


I like the deals. Tawni and I hope to start doing to traveling later this year and next. Maybe we could find some nice carpet to lounge on there in Iowa.

Love ya!,

That would be great Linc! You two are always welcome in Iowa. But no worries, we have a spare room so you don’t have to sleep on the floor. 🙂

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