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I got my first tattoo at 20. At the time I never considered what my kids might say about it.

I got my second tattoo at 24. By then I was married and we were talking about having children. I realized one day my children might ask for a tattoo because of I have one (or maybe they won’t because it’s not cool to be like your mom).

Since getting my newest tattoo, Julia keeps asking me about my “owie”. The first night I told her it was called a tattoo and pointed out my other two to her – hoping to remind her that they aren’t really owies. She wasn’t convinced. Instead, she started calling the owie on her ankle a tattoo: “Daddy, look. My tattoo.” Sweeeet.

Yesterday, she kept pointing at my tattoo and saying “Mama, owie.” Again I went through explaining that it was a tattoo and not an owie. I asked her to point out my other tattoos and to touch those (since my new tattoo is still a little tender she hasn’t been allowed to touch it). After that, a lightbulb went off. And then… the moment I’ve been waiting for…  “Mama, I want tattoo.”

Tomorrow is Easter. The day that changed who I am. The day my Savior conquered death and rose again. The day that brings me hope.

This afternoon I got a tattoo. The tattoo is named the “symbol of hope” and it represents a hopeful cure for colon cancer.

Colon cancer? Why colon cancer? Nearly two years ago my dear friend Brittney Mann lost her battle with colon cancer. She shared with me that it was one of her aspirations to get this same tattoo once she beat the cancer. Since she wasn’t able to, I decided I would get the tattoo as a way to honor and remember her. But it’s even deeper than that.

I love that it’s named “symbol of hope”. I know where Brittney’s hope laid. Not in a cure. But in Christ.

Christ is my hope.

Because of His death on the cross, my sins were washed clean.

Because of His resurrection, my life is eternal.

In Christ alone, my hope is found.

I miss Brittney more than I can express. I joyfully look forward to the day when I can see her again. When we can rejoice together in our completeness, in our healing, and in our hope. And with even more joy, I look forward to that same day when I can see my Savior, face to face, and find my hope fulfilled.

This tattoo may not be a cross or a picture of Jesus, but it represents Christ to me. It is a symbol that He came and conquered. It is a symbol that He loves me and died for me. It is a symbol that HE is my hope.

While on this earth we may never find a cure for cancer, but Jesus holds the cure for our sins through salvation in Him.

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