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My kids will have tattoos

Posted on: April 9, 2010

I got my first tattoo at 20. At the time I never considered what my kids might say about it.

I got my second tattoo at 24. By then I was married and we were talking about having children. I realized one day my children might ask for a tattoo because of I have one (or maybe they won’t because it’s not cool to be like your mom).

Since getting my newest tattoo, Julia keeps asking me about my “owie”. The first night I told her it was called a tattoo and pointed out my other two to her – hoping to remind her that they aren’t really owies. She wasn’t convinced. Instead, she started calling the owie on her ankle a tattoo: “Daddy, look. My tattoo.” Sweeeet.

Yesterday, she kept pointing at my tattoo and saying “Mama, owie.” Again I went through explaining that it was a tattoo and not an owie. I asked her to point out my other tattoos and to touch those (since my new tattoo is still a little tender she hasn’t been allowed to touch it). After that, a lightbulb went off. And then… the moment I’ve been waiting for…  “Mama, I want tattoo.”

4 Responses to "My kids will have tattoos"

I got a rose tattoo on my abdomen when I was 19. I put a lot of thought into and have never regretted it. My kids all know I have it – but just the other day my 5yr old realized it wasn’t a fake (washable) tattoo. “Mommy – why does your tattoo always stay there?” LOL

Adorable!! And I love her chubby little feet!!

watch out or she might “tatoo” herself all by herself during nap time/rest time/play time now with pens or markers 🙂

I actually thought about that as I was getting out the markers. My only consolation is that we keep all the pens and markers locked in the closet in the play/school room. All she has to work with are crayons. 😉

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