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One of the things I love most about this little sphere of world I’ve made for myself is how I can so openly share life with all y’all (yep, yep, I did just make y’all a double plural). I’ve told some of my deepest secrets/shames, some of my greatest dreams, some of my hardest struggles, some of my highest victories.

Yet, I’ve realized over the last year or two, it’s hard to have a blog. Especially when you’re willing to be vulnerable and raw. Because now, now people know. They know the bad and the good, the struggles and the pains. And honestly, that can be kinda exhausting.

It’s hard to have a blog. But, like most things that are hard, it’s so, so good too.

And while I’ve tried and failed many times to stay the course, to write more often, I’m trying again. Putting myself out there and opening up once again because all y’all (see I did it again) have just been the best and I can’t quit you.

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