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Remember how I painted our front door blue?

There was some discussion in our house about how the door didn’t seem complete. That it needed color to help round it out. While it’s hard to tell from the picture, we do actually have flowers planted around the front {some have yet to bloom for the season}, which will help with adding color to the area. But Jonathan and I agreed we needed something more.

So I made a fabric wreath.

I used felt to make the flowers {via a tutorial from Alicia!} and cream colored yarn to wrap around the wreath. I used a lot of spring colors, just to give it some more pop.

We had some friends, Matt and Kristen, visit us from Iowa last week. They both said they liked the color, but Matt suggested that it was probably only a good color for the spring and that we might not like it as much come late summer/fall. Very true. Thanks to the color choice of the wreath it does seem to have an Easter egg look to it. *sigh*

I still like it. And it was pretty fun making the wreath – something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but just have never made time for. Made I can pick some other colors for the fall and winter, but I’m at a lost for what colors to choose. Any suggestions?

What fun adventures have you had lately?

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