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Even though the temperatures here aren’t cold enough to warrant snow, I am in my winter-is-for-hibernation mode. January, for me, should be National Hibernation Month, lasting until March. I don’t know what it is, the shortened days, still recovering the holiday life or the fact that my bed is oh so cozy.

This is about how I sleep every night - rear up in the air.*

But, since I can’t hibernate, I’m pushing myself to plan events/outings to make sure that I don’t slack off and find myself half asleep on the couch while the girls “entertain” themselves {which, let me tell you from resent experience, will only result in absolute craziness and painting on the wall… Thank you Hannah!}.

My ultimate solution to fighting hibernation: coffee. So here’s to my third cup of coffee this morning, fun outings plans and an uber clean house on a Monday morning!

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