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We’ve had the same Oreck vacuum since we were married. And Jonathan had it for a year before that. And his parents had it for about two years before that. So when it died at the end of July it didn’t come as a total shock. We debated having it fixed, after all it did the job* and we liked that it was fuss free – no attachments, no hoses, just a vacuum. But then we decided to buy our dream vacuum: Dyson – All Floors.

{This picture almost makes me think angels are singing in the background, what with the perfect lighting and super clean carpet}

We found a great deal at Home Depot, paying $100 less than we expected and we bought it. As soon as we got home, we put our Dyson to use. And here’s what we got:

Pretty gross. We had vacuumed two days before and the floors didn’t even look very dirty. But the Dyson pulled up all the dog hair, dirt and yuckness that apparently our other vacuum {and vacuums we have borrowed since ours broke} just couldn’t get. Wow. After that first run through, we did it again and got half as much, then did it a third time and got about a fourth more. Pretty spectacular if you ask me.

Jonathan said Dyson is the Apple of vacuums. They are sleek, state of the art and pricey but worth it. My favorite part is that I can vacuum our wood floors {which is the kitchen and all the bedrooms} so I don’t have to sweep, which just so happens to be one of my least favorite chores.

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