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Thanks to Mary at Giving Up On Perfect for her Coke post, I felt I could finally come clean and admit: I have an unending love for candy bars. Even though I typically eat healthy, wholesome, natural foods, I can’t say no to a candy bar. And try as I might to act like I don’t like them, given the choice, I’d eat one every day {hanging head in shame}. Here are my all time favorites:

1. Snickers – Perhaps the quintessential candy bar, Snickers embodies everything a candy bar should be.

2. Hershey’s bar – The bar that can do anything. Without Herhsey’s we wouldn’t have such joys as S’mores or Kisses.

3. Butterfinger – I ate a Butterfinger every day in my last two trimesters with Julia. It was worth every extra pound I gained.

4. 3 Musketeers – The “healthier” option with 30% less fat. A light and fluffy candy bar that is even better when frozen. Hmmm…

5. 100 Grand – I didn’t discover this candy bar until college. Whoa! What was I missing?!? Chocolate. Caramel. Crispy rice. Heaven.

6. Dove bar – I always feel a little luxurious when I eat a Dove bar. Like I should be eating it at a spa, not my pjs right before bedtime.

7. Crunch – I think Crunch bars are the forgotten candy bars. But when I scored a good deal on Crunch bars for Halloween candy, I renewed my love for this chocolatey-crunchy bar.

8. Milky Way – A bar of many choices. Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate. Caramel. Much like a 3 Musketeers, these bars make great frozen treats.

9. Caramello – Yummy chocolate caramel goodness. Not to mention it’s made by Cadbury, the makers of the Easter goodness known as Creme Eggs.

10. York Peppermint Pattie – While not a “bar”, I think the York deserves to stand in the candy bar category. A refreshing, delicious treat that makes this girl happy pretty much any time.

What are your favorite candy bars? Which ones do you think I should have added to my list?

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