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Over the weekend, my mei tai went missing. I know yesterday I told everyone that something tragic happened, and while to some you might laugh at my overstatement, it really has been a very sad loss for me and Bear.

I love baby-wearing. I found with Julia that it helped her sleep better and that with Hannah it helps her feel “a part of things”. I’ve tried three different types of carriers and the mei tai has stolen my heart. When Hannah was little, I would wear her in a pouch on my chest, now as she’s gotten older I wear her on my hip or back. The mei tai is the easiest for me to use, because it’s not complicated {and I really can’t do complicated, trust me}. There have been times when I literally don’t take off my mei tai for hours. Nowadays, it’s getting less and less use – maybe a few times a week. Why? Because as Hannah walks more she likes being carried less. Same was true for Julia. But, when we go out, I still carry her most of the time.

Saturday we went to the Iowa City Jazz Festival. I carried Hannah for the first half, but she began squirming out so she could play with the other kids. Typically I might just leave the mei tai on, if there’s a chance Hannah will want back in, but I knew that wasn’t likely. So I just wrapped it up and carried it with us. When I went to get the mei tai from the car on Sunday I couldn’t find it. I’ve turned the house, garage and car upside down looking for it, but found nothing. Tears between Hannah and I have been shed. Especially yesterday, when all she wanted to was be held all day long. I got out my other wraps but she revolted against them. Sad, long day.

“Oh mei tai, thank you for you faithful 2+ years of service. You were a wonderful carrier and I love you. Sorry you had to leave so soon.


One Sad Baby-Carrying Mama”

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