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If you get on facebook, twitter, or read any news, chances are high that you’ll come across that Chick-Fil-A is under fire for being anti-gay. Depending on which article you read, from which side you read it, you can get two very different stories. Chick-Fil-A is anti-gay or Chick-Fil-A is pro-marriage {which I believe is not an either/or}. Regardless of how you personally take it, I am struck with one thought :: Can you be anti-gay and Christian?

I’m going to stand up and say :: NO. No, you cannot be anti-gay and Christian.

In Mark 12:31, after telling the people that the greatest law is to love God with every ounce of their being, Jesus states : “The second Law is this ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No Law is greater than these.”

According to the dictionary, anti means “against; opposed to”. Now, to be anti-gay, means that you are opposed to a people group. A People.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

How can anti-people equal loving your neighbor?

If we are called, by our Savior, to love our neighbors {and to clarify, neighbor does not mean just our next door neighbor, but our fellow man}, how can we draw such a definitive line in the sand? How can we say, I follow after the teachings of Christ, BUT I am anti-people.

In my opinion, to be anti-gay is to close off your life, your heart and the opportunity to love a people group through the Gospel. You are choosing to see yourself as better than, more worthy than, more important than someone else. Be cautious. Because not one of us, no not one, is so right with God that we are better off than another person {Romans 3}.

To be so opposed to a people {not the practices of a people, but the people themselves} that we use the term anti, is to say that they are undeserving of Christ’s love, grace, mercy and sacrifice. Frankly, that is a position that I refuse to take against anyone. Ever. Because, no matter how depraved you think a person is, I can full out guarantee you, I am worse. I deserve nothing more than the full wrath of God, and I am in constant need of Christ’s redemption. Therefore, I cannot be against anyone, because I know that I am no better.

I am going to ask my fellow Christians – Where is your heart in this matter? Forget Chick-Fil-A, forget the heated news stories and latest debate {after all, it’s an election year, what else did we expect?}. Where does your heart stand on the matter of being anti-gay, anti-people? Are you willing to love your neighbor as yourself?


Based on some feed back from a few people, I feel I need to further express myself. My entire intent and meaning behind this post is to ask ourselves how we are treating other people. Especially people who’s beliefs and lives do not align with our own. We are all sinners in need of the redemption of Christ. If you desire to ask me more pointed questions, please feel free to contact me sarah dot windham at gmail dot com.


I got news from my cousin that there is a discussion going on on her facebook timeline from where she shared this post. Due to the security of her friends, I will not be linking the discussion, but have chosen two to share that I feel are more adequately say what I am wanting to say. ::

“A friend of mine can’t participate fully in this discussion but these are his thoughts:
Being anti-gay does not mean you are anti-people. You can love the person as Christ instructed, and yet hate the sinful lifestyle that they lead. Just because Christ loved and spent time with the prostitutes and the down and out, does not mean he approved of or condoned their sinful lifestyles. Rather, he tried to bring them out of their sin by showing them a better way to live their lives, and the truth of God’s love to follow.”

“I love all your opinions and thank you so much for sharing. My personal view is this: Being tempted is not a sin. Acting upon that temptation is. I have several friends that are gay and I do not condone their behavior but I do love them where they are and accept them regardless. Our God did not reject someone for their sin but he didn’t just sit idly by and twiddle his thumbs either. And we all have to understand that all of this is done in LOVE. Without love, the Bible says, we are a clanging gong or cymbal. No one will listen to you if you are judgmental and condemning. We cannot judge others by the standards of our faith if they don’t believe in them. They need to know the Lord first, and then we can look at them through the lens of scripture.”

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