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Top Ten {Tuesday} This weekend, Jonathan and I were discussing fun facts about ourselves. You know, those completely random aspects of your life that people probably don’t know about. I thought today, for a laugh, I’d share some of mine.

1. I went by Liz when I first moved to Texas in 2000. {Elizabeth is my middle name.}

2. As a child, I was convinced I wanted to be the female James Bond.

3. I’ve had my cartilage pierced 3 times. The third time being yesterday.

4. I can eat a whole batch of brownies in one sitting. I have the extra 5 pounds to prove it.

5. I’ve had my car break down two times in Arizona. I’ve only been to Arizona twice {Arizona and I aren’t on good terms}.

6. I’ve read Scarlet Pimpernel numerous times and have the end of Chapter 16 practically memorized.

7. I sliced my fingernail off with an apple peeler this morning. It hurt. A lot.

8. I snuck into a taping of Conan O’Brien.

9. I’ve met Woody Harrelson and Jack Johnson. Both of them were shorter than I expected.

10. Pizza, hot or cold, is perhaps my favorite food.

What are some fun random facts about you?

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