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Why Syria Needs to Matter to Us

Posted on: August 29, 2013

Rather than enter the politico scene, I prefer to let others engage in politics. Bordering on apathy, I’ve found that world events don’t effect my daily life quite like caring for three young kids. And because of that, I don’t pay attention to them.

But as the civil war in Syria exalts to a deafening tone, I’m struck by my apathy.

If my husband, brothers, father, friends, were being killed, would I want others to be outraged?

If my children were gassed, would I want other mothers to weep for me?

Or would I sit back and say

“It’s ok. You can’t do anything about it, so don’t even worry about us.”

Hell no.

As a mother, I would want to know that other mothers are weeping at the loss of my child. I would want to know that they see my pain, they see my devastation, and they mourn with me. Not because we even know each other, but because we are mothers. And as mothers we are united in our love for our children.

I can sit back in the comfort of my home and blissfully ignore a war that is raging. I can block out the bad. I can ignore the pain. I can dull my senses. Because that is far easier. It is far easier to not know, than to know and be helpless.

Yet this morning as I listened to NPR, I realized that I cannot ignore Syria. Syria needs to matter to me. It needs to matter to me because I am a wife, a mother, a woman. But more than that, Syria needs to matter to me because it matters to God.

God calls His people to be a light in this dark world. God calls His people to pray. God calls His people to love like He loves.

While I am not naive enough to believe that I can change any issues in Syria, I refuse to willfully ignore their pain and suffering.  I refuse to let my comforts override their needs.  So, I challenge myself to let my heart break for the Syrians. To push off my comforts and imagine a life that is riddled with pain and suffering. And then to pray. Pray that God’s light shines. Pray that God’s glory be known. Pray that God’s Truth bring healing to the brokenhearted.

Let us not be a people so wrapped up in our own comforts that we are not willing to let other’s pain effect us. Let us be a people who view this world as God views this world. Let us be a people who love those we do not know. Let us be a people stand before the Lord on behalf of those who cannot.  Let us be a people moved to pray.

7 Responses to "Why Syria Needs to Matter to Us"

I can’t express how much this post pierced my heart. I needed to read this and I needed to be ignited again. Somehow in the midst of every day life, caring for my kids, being a good wife, I’ve lost that passion and fire to see people, situations, the way God sees them. Thank you!

You’re welcome. I can get all too careless with not caring about others. I mean, it’s important to be focused on our families, but it’s important to let our hearts be opened to others too.

I agree with Jodi. I listen to NPR and watch the morning news but have kind of become numb to it all. AND on top of that not really believing God can do anything to change it, things just seem to bad. But, that is not true and thinking and praying for those people is useful. Thank you Sarah.

I hear ya on the becoming numb part. It’s like all too overwhelming so I just give up. But that’s not the right response. So I’m praying that God continues to give me His type of response instead of what my flesh wants to do.

Love this, Sarah!

I have been watching/listening to stuff on Syria and I feel the same way. I can’t not think about it.

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