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My Baby Went off to Kindergarten

Posted on: August 28, 2013


(I can neither confirm nor deny that her sass is genetic)

Last week Julia started her first day at Kindergarten.

Talk about a big year. I’m proud of myself since I did NOT cry. Tear up? Form a lump in my throat? Have to turn away so as to not cry? Yes. Yes. And yes. But, I did NOT cry. *pats self on back*

We have the amazing opportunity to send Julia to Veritas Academy, which is a university model school. Veritas teaches a classical education based on a Biblical worldview, while using a university model that prepares children for college. After researching Veritas {read, stalking} since 2011, I’m super excited to finally be a part of the community.

And perhaps the best part of Veritas? There is a high level of parent involvement.

How is that? you ask.

Through calling on parents to be co-teachers alongside the primary teacher. In other words, Julia attends classes on campus twice a week, then I homeschool her the other days.

We follow a curriculum and syllabus set up by the school/teacher. Every week we receive the weekly lesson plans to be used by both the primary teacher and the co-teachers (co-teachers typically being the child’s mom). It lays out what the primary teacher will teach in class while on campus and then what co-teachers are to teach while children are at home. The campus days/home days alternate, so at the kindergarten level Julia is home every other day (ex :: on campus M/W, at home T/Th/F).

Many of you may know, that since before having children it has been on Jonathan and my heart to play a very active role in our children’s education. For many years, we assumed that would manifest in doing full-time homeschool. But over the past 3 years, we have felt the Lord calling us to a scenario more like Veritas. And while we are only in our second week {and while homeschool yesterday was ridiculously attitude challenging}, I am already so grateful for the community that we are forming.


Julia, Kate, Lily

Julia has formed some sweet, sweet friendships already. She went to mother’s day out last year with several of her Veritas classmates from this year. In fact, two of her best friends, Kate and Lily, are in the same classroom as Julia.

There are a total of five girls {out of 12 kids} in Julia’s class. It’s precious to see how quickly friendships have been formed in such a short amount of time. Let’s just say, I imagine there being lots of special memories made by these girls.


I’m sure that there will be plenty of bumps along the way. Let’s be real, I’m probably not the best teacher {and I’m not always praised for my abundance of patience – just keeping it honest}. But, I am so grateful that God has allowed me to have the chance to stay so connected to Julia during her early years of education. Because, while I may not be the best teacher, it is my true heart’s desire to be Julia’s life teacher. And I am so glad that God is allowing me to be just that.

(photo credit to Mollie Burpo of Bloom Photography)

6 Responses to "My Baby Went off to Kindergarten"

we do a university model with Grace Prep. This is our third year there and our first with 2 kids. We love it! It definitely takes a few weeks to settle into a good homeschool day routine, but it’ll happen. We’re starting all over again having two doing school…it’s a whole new ball game. Monday I banged my head on the table, tendered my mom/wife/teacher/housekeeper/cook resignation, and locked myself in my room. They let me come back and today, Wednesday, went much more smoothly because I sent Jack off to play while I did school with Addi, then had Addi doing puzzles with Laura while I did school with Jack. That was a run-on sentence right there. Eventually they will be the tiniest bit independent and I will be able to school them both at the same. But until then, I will be taking a lot of quiet brakes throughout the mornings : )

I’m realizing that it’s going to take time to get into the groove. And that I really need to listen to Julia and when she’s needing breaks. That’s was our downfall yesterday – trying to plow through and her not having it.

Crazy cute pose in that first pic. Glad you found a good mix, too. 🙂

She’s really hamming it up in that first pic! 😉

I love this idea Sarah, and can only imagine the transition it will be but know your heart and know you guys will learn. I’m so glad you found Veritas and that Julia already has a little community there, how special. Can’t wait to hear more and watch from afar so we can hopefully follow in your footsteps one day.

Thanks Katie. I hope that you find something that will work for you guys once Archer is older. Who knows, maybe you’ll come back to Austin and be at Veritas. 😉 One can only hope.

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