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That Time I Said “Oh Hey, We Should Run a Marathon!”

Posted on: February 10, 2013

I’ve always dreamed of being a runner. When I trained and ran my first half marathon 3 years ago, I finally allowed myself to believe I was a runner. And while I day dreamed of pushing myself to run a full marathon, the idea of starting {and completing} a 26.2 mile race seemed like a monumental feat.

Not any more.

This Sunday, February 17th, I will be racing in the Austin Marathon.

Last summer, I convinced two of my closest girlfriends to train and race along side me. {Clearly, crazy gravitates to crazy.} We have spent the last 6 months training for two half marathons and now the Big Mama race this weekend.

Adriane, Erika and Me - post 18 mile run

Adriane, Erika and Me – post 18 mile run

Erika and Adriane have challenged and encouraged me. They have stood beside me through injury and flu {well, they kept their distance while I was sick, but did send sweet texts}.  They have pushed me physically and spiritually. Without them, this race wouldn’t happen.

Come next Sunday, I will proudly bare the title “Marathoner”. It has been an incredible experience, a journey of discovery – learning not just how much punishment my body can endure, but how much I need good community and how unbelievably faithful the Lord is when we commit our body and soul to Him.

4 Responses to "That Time I Said “Oh Hey, We Should Run a Marathon!”"

ahhhh! I’m so excited for you!!!!! I would love to do a full one day too, just not sure about the time commitment it takes, wow! I must say, you are my inspiration.

So excited for you guys! HUGE accomplishment!

Aren’t long runs the sweetest times to bond?! Can NOT wait to see the post 26.2 photo. My biggest advice is enjoy every minute of it. Though, it looks like ya’ll do. Well, besides the injuries and the flu. You guys are rockstars.

Congrats! I have a friend who has asked me to start training for a half marathon in about a year and a half she wants to run…i haven’t quite said yes yet. Tips?

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