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Why the Flu is Worse than Childbirth

Posted on: January 20, 2013

Last Sunday I told my brother, John, that I had never had the flu. At least not that I remembered. And you’d remember that, right? I mean, the flu is suppose to be bad, right? Well, maybe I’d had it and it wasn’t as bad as everyone says.



I’d never had the flu. Until this week. And it is as bad as everyone says. In fact, while I laid in bed in misery yesterday, I realized “the flu is worse than childbirth”. Now, some of you might think this is just me being funny, but I’m serious. I’ve had three babies, and while it was painful and hard, once it was over I thought “That was so beautiful! Let’s do it again!”

The flu? In the wise words of Taylor Swift – we are never, ever, ever getting back together.  Like ever.

In my opinion, having the flu is worse than childbirth. Childbirth was painful, but SO worth doing again. The flu was painful, but SO NOT worth doing again.

I’ve been sick before. I’ve parented my kids while sick. But can I be honest? I don’t think the kids and I would have survived the last couple of days had Jonathan, Adriane, or my brother Fletcher, not been around to help. In fact, yesterday, Fletcher ended up unintentionally babysitting the kids for 2 hours while I slept. I literally couldn’t get myself up. I had the kids ask him to make them lunch, and the next thing I know two hours had gone by. Whew.

I’m feeling much better today. I know I’m not 100%, so I’m forcing myself to not overdo it. I’ve got a nasty cough and still feel a bit tired after I’ve been up and about for a while. But I’ll take a cough and a little tired over unable-to-function-as-a-normal-human any day.

I’ll let Taylor take it from here ::

And I’m like, I’m just, I mean this is exhausting, you know
We are never getting back together, like ever

6 Responses to "Why the Flu is Worse than Childbirth"

Oh man, Sarah, that’s awful. And I completely agree. The flu is 100% worse than childbirth. (I love the Taylor video/references, perfect) I hope you get rest today and completely recover quickly.

Thanks Jodi! Yes, 100% worse indeed.

I am suddenly regretting following my dr’s advice on not getting immunizations for the kids…

and by immunizations, I just mean flu shots…I got all the other ones, fear not. 😉

I’m so sorry girl. This sucks!

Oh, so yucky. Are you totally better now?
I don’t think I’ve had the flu since I’ve had a baby…the thought of it being worse than childbirth (and WITHOUT the reward at the end) makes me want to go hide in a hole. With Purell.

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