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Austin Half Marathon 2012

Posted on: February 20, 2012

Yesterday I completed the Austin Half Marathon.  

Enjoying a chocolate shake about an hour post-race

I have to say this was my best race yet. I wasn’t as nervous as last year, as I knew what to expect. Though, I will say, like child birth, you forget how killer the hills are. About 2 miles in I remembered why this part of Texas is called the hill country… Thankfully this year, Jonathan and I coordinated where he and the kids would be cheering during the race, so I was able to see them at mile 8 which gave me a huge boost.

I got oddly nauseous at mile 7, which I think was related to drinking too much Gatorade {I don’t drink Gatorade while running just during recovery}. I suppose the sweetness of Gatorade just didn’t sit well with my stomach. Thankfully it passed quickly, and I didn’t actually get sick.

By mile 6 my hips were beginning to hurt, nothing major, just slightly irritating. However, once I reached mile 11, there was a killer hill. At that point I walked up the hill to give my hips a break and catch my breath. My hips thanked me for it later, by pushing through to the end without any real pain.

Once the hill was done, I was able to finish off the race strong. It was such a good feeling to cross the finish line and be greeted by my family and friends.

I celebrated with a great burger and shake from P. Terry’s. My recovery has been really good, and with the exception of a little glut pain yesterday and calf soreness today, I’ve felt really good.

Jonathan said after this race he has been convinced he wants to run with me next year {woot!}. And after seeing a few families running together, I’m hoping once the kids get old enough we can make it a family event!

12 Responses to "Austin Half Marathon 2012"

Way to go Sarah! I admire your perseverance!

You are awesome! So happy for you and so inspired by your drive and determination so early after childbirth. You go girl!! 🙂 And you look fabulous too! Really? You’ve had three kids? You don’t look it!


I’m so inspired by you! I can’t even begin to tell you! Way to go. 🙂

Sarah, this is awesome!!! What a sweet gift from God to be able to do this. I know Jonathan and the kids are super proud of you!!!!

I LOVE this, way to go again!! I also love that Jon and your friends came out to cheer it can really help. Way go on on the race and smart move to save your hips. Happy healing this week, enjoy the rest and lots of water from your fancy new bottle!

Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment!!

Congrats!! And how exciting that Jonathan wants to run with you next time!

Thanks for all the support ladies! I really appreciate it!

I totally missed that Jon wants to run next year, what a fun family adventure!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I agree what a great accomplishment.

Great job! (katie’s friend – debi)

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