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While She Still Has Chubby Fingers

Posted on: January 16, 2012

With Joseph’s birth, it became so crystal clear to me just how big Julia has gotten. In the last year, she learned to swim, write her name, spell simple words, started school and countless other “firsts”. Daily I am reminded of how big she has gotten, how much of a help she is to our family.

And it makes me sad.

Makes me sad to see my baby girl turning into a big girl. Sad to have the last four years fly by and the fear of the next 14 years going even faster.

When I took this picture last week, one thing caught my eye above all else. Julia has chubby fingers. While so much of her body has become slender, her fingers still hold the resemblance of babyhood, the chunky goodness of days gone by.

Those chubby fingers gave my mama heart a smile. It helped me realize that my sweet Julia will grow older, but she will still be my baby. While she has chubby fingers, and even when her finger holds a wedding band, she will be my baby. Always.

7 Responses to "While She Still Has Chubby Fingers"

I. LOVE. chubby fingers. I’m glad your little Julia still has them 🙂

As you are mine…

I hold your sentiments exactly with my Adeline. sigh. Thank you for your post on the blog and I know what you mean with just wanting to take in the worship service on your own. But really it’s only for a few short years in the big scheme of things…just like you have been reminded with Julia since Joseph’s birth. Helping my kids learn to worship has focused my attention in worship. May God give you the grace and strength you need to train your girls for their eternal purpose 🙂

Oh I know we ll be there so soon and I totally empathize with you. Every time I play silly ‘baby’ games with Archer I think about how fast he’s growing and wonder when he will stop peek a boo cuddling with me before bedtime and so many other things. But, what a good point that they ll always be our babies even when they’ve grown. It’s also a good reminder for me to cling to Chris because someday these babies will move out (gasp).

Perhaps that’s why my mother STILL TO THIS DAY thinks it’s funny to point out my “baby knuckles.” 🙂

Oh such a sweet post. She is really growing from a baby to a such a pretty little girl!!

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