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Mama of Three, Time to Sink or Swim – Friday Joy

Posted on: November 11, 2011

I feel like my introduction to mama of three has been sink or swim, survival of the fittest.

We brought Joseph home early Saturday morning. Sadly, my parents weren’t able to stay the following week with us {as we had hoped} and left Sunday. Tuesday morning, at 0-dark early, Jonathan took a plane to California. Yep, California. 1,800 miles away. If you do the math just right, you’ll figure out that Joseph was only 4 days old. Sink.

Thankfully, we live in a Mayberry like community that was a tremendous help during the day helping out with the girls and then bringing us dinner the three nights Jonathan was gone. Swim.

Wednesday night, Joseph woke up to feed and went straight back to bed 45 minutes later {he’s a quite the nurser}. 30 minutes later, he woke up screaming. I got him up to burp {a lesson learned with Julia} and tried helping him get out any gas he might have. As I’m going through this process, Julia comes into my bedroom complaining of an earache. We’re all up for the next 1.5 hours. Sink.

After spending three days on my own with all three kiddos, I feel pretty powerful. Even had our first successful outing yesterday afternoon. Swim. 

In the end, no matter just how hard things are, just how thin my patience and sleep run, just how completely overwhelmed and out of control I feel, I can take a look at my cuties and know :: I’m glad I jumped in the water.

What’s your Friday joy?

12 Responses to "Mama of Three, Time to Sink or Swim – Friday Joy"

**melt** the pictures just make my heart melt. 🙂 Glad to hear you are managing well. It really does help to live in a loving, caring, community. Especially the meals. 🙂


You are a brave woman! I probably would have secretly packed the older two in Jonathan’s suitcase. 😉 Glad you made it through. We have a big God that acts as a great raft!

Hang in there! I sure can remember many of those days! We lived in Waco and Chelsea was 2 and Cory was 1 and then along came Holly and Colton. Now they are 23,22, 19 and 18!
Love you all~ Wendy

Ok, my eyes are flooding with tears of pride!

I am glad you jumped in the water too. They are adorable! I am hoping I am able to handle things as well when my turn comes! I’ll be praying you are able to continue to manage and that everyone stays healthy and cooperative! 😉

Wow–you definitely should feel powerful! You are a terrific mama, and this is just a teensy bit of proof of how true that is 🙂

Keep treading water among your 3 blessings and I will be praying the Lord lifts the “sinking” feeling.

I love it! You are one amazing Mama!

Wow Sarah, I somehow forgot Jon was going and that it was so soon. I am amazed by your ability and attitude, you’re one wonderful momma! BUT, I’m glad your beautiful family is back together again. Also, three cheers for community!

Oh the pictures are just so adorable!! What a beautiful family you have and what a blessing to live in such a great community!!

You’re amazing. Remember- we’re in this together- to the day!

Yes ma’am we are! Every time I get up at night to nurse Joseph, I think about you and remember you did/are doing the same thing. 🙂

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