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Scholastic Books and Growing a Love of Reading

Posted on: October 5, 2011

I love to read. Love, love, love. However, that hasn’t always been the case. I remember pitching a fit in 7th grade when my mom made me read “Little Women”. Clearly, she didn’t realize how long that book was and that it had no pictures and that it was written so, so long ago. Pure torture to my pre-teen self. I begrudgingly began reading.

And I loved it.

From that moment, my life was changed. I read every book I could get my hands on.

When we had Julia, I was convinced that to make a reader, you need to read to your children. So we read. A lot. Know what? That girl wants to read all.the.time. She’ll even chose to read over watch television. Be still my grateful heart.

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About three weeks ago, Julia’s preschool sent home flyers for Scholastic Books. I remember Scholastic from when I was little, but hadn’t looked into it until we got the flyer. I think I circled every item on the flyer. And then I realized I could order from their website. Whoa. My first go ’round, I had over $100 worth of items in my cart. Jonathan had to remind me that we didn’t need all those books right now and would have plenty of chances to buy them in the future. I whittled down my list to under $70 {really, that was getting it to the least amount – books are addicting}.

We got our order this week. While I set aside a majority of the books for Julia’s birthday and the girls’ St. Nicholas gifts, they did each get a book  when the order arrived. They were thrilled. And frankly, so was I. I’m hoping that with the help of Scholastic I can help the girls grow into having a deep love of reading.

Have you ever ordered from Scholastic? How do you encourage reading for your children?

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5 Responses to "Scholastic Books and Growing a Love of Reading"

Sarah! I LOVE Scholastic book orders!!! I loved them as a kid, as a teacher, and now as a parent 🙂 What an awesome way to get GREAT, cheap books!!! My good friend’s daughter gets them at her pre-school, and she always passes them to me so I can get in on the order–LOVE it!!! As a teacher, I would have LOVED to receive your order since I would have gotten so many bonus points to use–HA!

So, in answer to your question, yes, I have ordered from Scholastic and am a satisfied customer 😉

I used to love the days Scholastic fliers would show up at school! We could seldom afford the books from those fliers, but I’d pretend we could. I’d then take extra care to savor the books we’d picked up from garage sales and thrift stores.

I believe the way that my mom always had books on hand and loved sharing them with us is the source of her having four (of four) avid readers. When it came time to ask for “gifts for baby” (if my honey and I so chose), we asked principally for books. And books we received!

Our little one just turned two last week, but he already loves pulling our books off the shelves and “reading” them. Even more than that, he loves pulling down his own books and “reading” them to himself.

We read books in the morning and several books at bedtime. My honey and I used to choose the books for him, but it’s now part of our sweet bedtime routine that “Li’l D” selects two of the books for himself. (We always conclude with Maisy’s Bedtime.) Most nights for the past two weeks, one of his selections has been Guess How Much I Love You, which he calls “bunny book.” I love it so!

I’m getting a little sick of Go, Pea, Go (guess when we read that?!), but I have to remind myself the end result is well worth the “sacrifice” of reading the same book a dozen times a day. And it is. 🙂

We asked for books too! Well, with our first, we had several typical baby items on our registry. But our friends blessed us with a shower when we expected our second, and we just asked for books. And they are giving us a shower again and we asked for books again.

We don’t have a set time to read during the day. However, if I get in a rut of “what should we do” we always read.

We just ordered from scholastic a few days ago for Faith. I’m like you. I love to read. So does my husband. The two of us are a financial nightmare in a bookstore, on Amazon, and with Scholastic. And, since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, both of our daughters are avid readers too. In fact, Faith started learning to read in Kindergarten last year and she’s quite advanced now compared to what her reading skill should be at her age. She reads to her little sister all the time and some of the books her teacher sends home for homework reading are so easy it literally takes her 30 seconds to read the story from start to finish. I’ve had to pick other books around the house to challenge her a bit more. My point is I really believe the more time we spend reading to our children from even the youngest infant age, the more they have a love for it themselves and the quicker they learn to read on their own. I must admit though… I’ve never read “Little Women.” I wonder if I can get it on my Kindle somehow…


Oh Scholastic!! I miss it so much and can’t wait until Archer brings one home or maybe I’ll just have to go to the website. It might also help if I started reading again soon too. I am kind of a hit and miss reader, I either read a ton or read none and right now I’m reading none.

Unfortunately, right now (and most of his life), Archer isn’t a fan of being read too. I end up just reading stories to him while he plays, but we’re hoping someday he will be interested. We had a coed baby shower for Archer and asked dues to bring a book which gave us a good collection to start.

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