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Sometimes You Just Need Some Motivation

Posted on: September 1, 2011

Maybe it’s because I had just had a really good workout. Or maybe it’s because I really, really miss running. Or perhaps the crazy heat and pregnancy hormones have finally done me in. Whatever the case may be, last night I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon in mid-February. It’s the same race I ran last year ::

{I was pregnant with Baby Boy and didn’t even know it}

I’ve been debating for a while as to whether or not I should do the race this year. If Baby Boy comes when he is suppose to, it gives me just under 3.5 months before the race to get ready. If he shows up later than expected, that just limits my time.

However, I will say that I’ve been reading up on racing after delivery and will be pacing myself. Unless my body is ready, I don’t plan to run the entire race. My goal is to run 6.5 miles. Anything I can do over that is gravy. The rest of the race I will be walking.  I haven’t set out my exact running plan yet, but it will look something like this :: 1 mile walk, 2 mile run, 1 mile walk, etc.

As I’m staring down the final weeks of my pregnancy, I’m realizing I’m going to need some motivation to exercise once Baby Boy arrives. Now that I’ve paid the runner’s registration fee, I can’t back out. Jonathan won’t let me.

Do you have any races you want to run? What’s your motivation for working out?

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15 Responses to "Sometimes You Just Need Some Motivation"

I wish I had motivation to work out! I also mentioned on my blog today that I have no motivation. But I’ve never run more than a mile, so you’re amazing for doing a half marathon!

Whoa! You go girl! Are you sure even 6 miles will be safe for your postnatal healing? Well, I guess it’s just the first 6 to 8 weeks that you have to be careful with. I’m totally praying for you, my friend and I’m so very excited for you. I’ll be cheering you on from PA! I’m only a short 6 weeks from running mine. Eeek!


I can’t wait to see you do this! You are my hero and I know it will be an encouragement to me as I try to get in shape post-pregnancy right along with ya.
Even though I still think you’re crazy. 😉 You know, the good crazy.

I’m on board! Not only will I support you emotionally I’ll run it with you! It will meet one of my 60 before 60 goals!! See you there at the finish line!

You rock! I think the plan sounds totally reasonable. I ran a very small half marathon in Oregon when I was barely pregnant with Archer but haven’t really run since then. It’s hard around here because there aren’t many races in the fall, but maybe next spring. I love that your mom is doing this with you!

awesome- we can train some together at town lake!!! i did it after anna too- it’s so worth it and fun! 🙂

Maybe run to raise money for a cause. I am running a 5 miler in December to raise money for brain cancer research – my friend is in his last days of living and we are doing this run to help in any way that we can.

Debi, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I know how hard it is to have a friend deal with cancer.

I think that’s great that your are running your race to raise money! My first half marathon was a fund raiser for Compassion International and Haiti. This marathon {same as last year’s} are organized by LiveStrong, and a portion of the proceeds go to cancer research.

Thanks, it is tough on our whole school community (both him and his wife are teachers at my school).

That is great that the marathon goes towards cancer research.

I can imagine that being really tough. We lost a dear friend to colon cancer three years ago. It’s such a tragedy.

Wow!! You are either all kinds of awesomeness or crazy!! =p You should check out this site. She should have some tips for you…she did a triathlon while pregnant!!


super-woman! I was just telling someone the other day how when I see anyone running, I want to scream, “you’re amazing!!” because I have absolutely no motivation to run, but I wish I did. 🙂

I wanna do that too! One of the biggest pushes for me when I ran the race last February was when a totally stranger called my name (which was on my bib) and cheered me on. It was very empowering. You should totally do it (as should I!)!

I’m impressed. I’m still looking for motivation to start post-baby exercise

Wow what great ambition!! I really admire you!

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